Cashless Solutions

Hey folks! So, the other day we introduced the concept of using RFID wristband technology to remove cash and card transactions at the festival. 

It raised a few questions, so let us explain...

We value your freedom of choice as much as your freedom to dance! We’re always looking for new ways to make our operations smoother and to improve the experience for you on the ground, so this is something we’ve spent months considering. We’ve visited complex events around the globe that use RFID technology and designed a system specifically to benefit you. 

It’s one that doesn’t impose any limitations; you can choose to top up beforehand by card or by using cash when you get here, and it means you can spend more time on the dancefloor! 

We’ve spoken to many of you about potential concerns, our partners have tried and tested systems, and we’ve agreed that this is a logical and exciting new step going forward!  

To find out more, visit our cashless solutions page where all of the finer details are explained or email us at

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