Bang Goes Normal: A music festival, but not as you know it. Built on respect for each-other, ourselves and the planet.

Chapter Two’s Districts

Take a look at what happened in our city's districts in Chapter Two! Our districts change and evolve each year so make sure you keep an eye out for any district announcements in 2024!



In the expanse of wasteland on the outskirts of Area 404, between the radioactive rubble and the remains of a city still rebuilding after the reset, Origin appeared. An ancient monolith uncovered by the city’s turbulent past. With a towering stage hosting opening and closing ceremonies (twinned with Grand Central), and huge DJs throughout the weekend, those that dance before Origin may find answers to Boomtown’s most persistent questions.



Grand Central is the central hub of community and celebration at the heart of our city. Holding opening and closing ceremonies for the festival (twinned with Origin), plus some of the biggest acts of the weekend performing on this bold and bright stage. Grand Central extends its arm around every resident, pulling you into the party.



A vivid techtopia of enhanced indulgence, with total self-expression at the core.
Main Stage - Zenith



Find circus hustlers, loveable rogues and free spirits throughout Oldtown’s winding magical back streets, entertaining through storytelling, sideshow curiosities and circus performance.
Main Stage - The Fool’s Leap



Botanica is a utopia of flourishing nature and greenery. All around, we see evidence of a global, connected society, living in harmony with nature and each other.
Main Stage - The Vault


Copper County

The power of invention, imagination and freedom drive the turning cogs of this district. Main Stage - The Engine House


Area 404

A refuge for radical revolutionaries, lost kids and punks, residents of Area 404 welcome all to their squatted paradise, built from the ashes of the labs destroyed in The Lost Chapter.
Main Stage - Wrong Side of the Tracks | Hangar 161 | Spectrum 360


Letsbe avenue

The loyal, reliable and hardworking patrons of Boomtown reside here, in the main drag of Letsbe Avenue. CH.2 Venues - Soapranos Laundrette | Boomtown Bobbies | Inconvenience Store | Postal Posse | Hotel Paradiso | The Daily Rag | BLOP


Forest parties

For those needing to ground themselves, forest parties offer an escape into the magical woodland. Celebrate soundsystem culture and come together and appreciate the great honour that we have in borrowing this beautiful piece of nature.
Main stages - Tribe of Frog | Hidden Woods | Tangled Roots

The city

Boomtown is an ever-evolving story. Eight city districts come to life, each with their own unique vision for how we build a perfect world. There’s characters to meet, causes to join and secrets to be revealed around every corner.

The aim of the game, if you choose to play, is to discover the stories unfolding all over the city, and uncover the collective wisdom teaching us all how to transform our world.

Join us… start anywhere, follow everywhere.

The story

Since the 2019 shutdown of AMI, the Advanced Machine Intelligence that once held power over the city, Boomtown had been a relative Wild West, with no clear leader and no new cause to believe in.

However, rumours were spreading of a new hero coming to save the spirit of our city; Elen.. Not much is yet known about this mysterious figure except that Elen – who bears a striking resemblance to AMI - is the one responsible for AMI’s shutdown.

The revelation had many in the city celebrating her as their hero and saviour, as Elen released them from AMI’s tight control.

However, others see Elen as the cause of all of their chaos and strife, sparking a witch hunt led by those who held power as part of AMI’s system.

Whether Elen was a hero or a villain divided the city, and yet there was no word or sign of her since the switch off. No one even knew if she survived the core meltdown.


At Chapter One: The Gathering, residents uncovered diary entries from Elen, proving that she caused the shutdown. The diary entries also suggest that Elen had been encouraged back to Boomtown by Nickolas Boom, after coming across his caravan at a crossroads outside of the city. Being blessed by Boom himself, surely Elen will guide the city towards its utopian future?

In Oldtown, a new group of anarchist clowns called the Free Fool Federation formed to find Elen and help her claim her place as leader of Boomtown. This next generation of Oldtowners were tired of the Oldtown tradition of keeping to themselves whilst other districts harm the city, they wish to take action to preserve their world.

In Letsbe Avenue, the Boomtown Bobbies launched a campaign to find and arrest Elen for crimes against the city. It was unknown who funded the campaign, but there are many possible culprits among those whose bank accounts were wiped in the shutdown, which destroyed Paradise Heights.

The Betterverse and all affiliated Metropolis Companies blacklisted Elen from the district, fearing their own tech would be hacked as they rebuild the systems wiped by AMI.


Boomtown always celebrates the infinite variety of music from around the globe. With soundsystem culture the beating heart of the town there will also be the freshest new post-punk band, dons of the reggae world, disco divas, and afrobeat royalty.

If that wasn’t enough, we’ll be representing the aficionados and the underground of electronic music. From jungle to techno, house to hardcore, dub to dnb and many more, whatever your taste we’ll have it covered.

Last year's lineup

Altern 8 | Boiler Room x Sports Banger: Boomtown 2023

Take yourself back to the epic Hidden Woods takeover with Boiler Room and Sports Banger this summer.


The opening and closing ceremonies are where we gather as a city to welcome and close Boomtown’s annual fair. The very first and last spectacular show you experience on our mainstages. Where we stand united by a shared message of respect for ourselves, each other and the planet. A time to connect and reflect on the journey we’ve been on together.