January 18, 2024

Chapter Three Booking Guide

Having trouble booking your ticket? Check out our booking guide to help you pick what ticket suits you.

We've put together a step-by-step guide on how to purchase your ticket. Here's a quick breakdown...

Citizenship entry tickets are your standard entrance ticket with access to general camping. If you want to come on Wednesday, select Citizenship ticket plus Wednesday upgrade on the first page.

Green Transport tickets are only valid if you are coming by one of our provided public transport services this can be a coach from your home town or a shuttle bus from Winchester train station. With a Green Transport ticket, your Wednesday entry ticket is included.

If your looking for a more luxurious trip, Camp Orchid gives you access to facilities and Camp Skylark has some of the best luxury camping experiences you can get. Make sure to add wristbands for each person coming.

If you want to add anything to an existing booking, log into your Kaboodle account and add them on.

Check out the full booking guide here.
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