Boomtown tickets reduced in price for 2021 🎉

Boomtown tickets reduced in price for 2021  🎉

We are reducing the ticket price for Boomtown 2021! 

With so many people going through so much right now, we felt it was vital for us to reduce the ticket price to make it easier to attend for all. By reimagining how we run and create Boomtown, we’ve been able to reduce the ticket price, whilst also enhancing the parts that make us a truly unique experience.

The starting ticket price for 2021 will be £199 - this price will apply to those with a 4-day 2020 ticket who chose to roll their ticket over, as well as the first phase for Public Transport Saver Tickets.

We’ve moved on from our tiered ticket system to ‘Phases’ instead, as we wanted to introduce a fairer system for everybody and Phase One has a far larger allocation of tickets than previous Tier 1 to help avoid disappointment for many on the day of ticket release. ❤️

The breakdown of ticket phases and prices is below, for full details on all ticket types that will be released on 1st October, head to our Ticket Page to familiarise yourself with what we’ll have available and check out any FAQ’s. 

Please bear in mind that we had sold over half of our tickets before we had to cancel the 2020 event and these have been rolled over to the 2021 event, so tickets to Boomtown 2021 are already limited, we would advise getting in quickly! 

Boomtown Festival tickets available here 7pm 1st October 

Ticket Options Overview

Public Transport Saver Festival Entry Tickets 

Phase 1 - £199 (coach & shuttle packages only)
Phase 2 - £215 (coach & shuttle packages only)

Festival Entry Ticket: Valid from Thursday-Sunday (Standard adult 18+)

Phase 1-  £209
Phase 2-  £225

Festival Entry Ticket + Wednesday Upgrade: Valid from Wednesday-Sunday (Standard adult 18+)

Phase 1 - £229
Phase 2 - £245


Children 0-12 years - FREE!

Teens: 5 Day Festival Entry Ticket (13-17) £150. Teen Festival Entry Tickets need to be booked in conjunction with an adult who is aged 30 or over. These tickets will become available on the 8th October.

Instalment Plan Tickets:

This year there are three different Instalment Plan ticket options for each of the three festival entry ticket types, giving you flexibility on when you are able to pay off the balance of your ticket. There are options to pay by January, pay by March and pay by May! Initial Deposits start at £40, check out the ticket info page for specifics.

Full ticket breakdown is here.

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