Boomtown CH 11 map is here!


Welcome to the new city! Remember that this map is for you to familiarise yourself with our new stages, plan your camping spot, choose your transport and treat yourself to any added extras to make your stay extra comfortable... Our 100+ street venues and everything else will be marked on the main map which will be released nearer the time! 

Who's ready for Chapter 11!!? 

Download 2019 Boomtown Map here


Boomtown Springs - VIP Camping the Boomtown way! Located in the north of the site, entering through North Gate. 
Camplight - Pre-pitched tents Downtown, located near West Gate so perfect if you're coming by public transport!
Camp Skylark - Comfortable pre-pitched and BYO camping located behind Lion’s Den.
Campsite Hubs - Located in each district campsite.
Cash Machines - Located in Metropolis next to Zooloos, in Barrio Loco leading into Diss-Order Alley and at the entrance to the Lion’s Den from Oldtown.
Coach Park - Located in the far south-west corner of the festival site. Follow the flags/signs from West Gate. All National Express & Private Hire coaches will drop off and pick up here!
Eco-Bond Depots - Four locations at all of the main gates for bringing a bag of recycling to reclaim your eco-bond: North, South, East and West. Opening times EAST / SOUTH / WEST: Sunday 12:00 - 19:00 & Monday 08:00 - 14:00 NORTH: Monday 08:00 - 14:00
Festival Shops - Located next to Info Point Downtown (Hidden Woods end) and at the entrance into the Lion’s Den from Oldtown.
Info Points - 2 locations; Downtown (on the corner of the Main Drag) open 24 hour from Thursday midday to Monday 18:00 and Hilltop (between Town Centre Stage and Paradise Heights) open Thursday 12:00-01:00, Friday - Sunday 10:00-01:00, Monday 10:00-16:00. If you've got a question, here is the place to ask!
Lockers - Hilltop Lockers are between Oldtown and Lion’s Den. Downtown Lockers in the Metropolis campsite next to ZooLoos.
Lost and Found - To hand in items found or report something lost, head to either info point. 
Meadow Camping - Accessible camping located near to Whistlers Green and the Lion’s Den.
Medical - The main medical centre is now in Hilltop, in the Oldtown camping field, through the gate near St. Nicks Market and there is a second medical centre on the Main Drag in Downtown. Both are open 24 hours a day.
Merchandise - 2 locations: Entrance to the Main Drag Downtown and entrance to Town Centre.
Phone Charging - 5 locations: in the Main Drag, between Oldtown and Lion’s Den, Relic and at Metropolis Campsite next to ZooLoos.
Pick up, drop off point - If you’re getting a lift to or from the site you’ll need to be collected here, it’s outside West Gate.
Pick Up A Pop-Up - Pick up point for our 'Pick-up a pop up' rentable tents is located by West Gate so perfect for people coming by public transport. 
Police Crime Reporting Number - 101.
Reserved Camping - Hilltop. Campsite is between Oldtown and Lion’s Den.
Samaritans - Hilltop, on the edge of east camp next to reserve camping
Shuttle Bus Station - Located in the far south-west corner of the festival site. Follow the flags/signs from West Gate. Shuttle busses are £10 return or £5 single (cash!) and go to Winchester train station.
Tangerine Fields East - Pre-pitched camping situated in Temple Valley near East Gate and AREA 404, perfect if you're driving.
Taxis - Wintax: 01902 878 727 / Wessex Cabs: 01962877749 - there is a designated taxi rank just outside West Gate. Taxis will not be able to pick up elsewhere on site.
Welfare - Next to Medical Downtown (on Main Drag) and Hilltop (Old town Campsite, through the gate opposite the bandstand), open 24 hours.
ZooLoos - 2 locations: Downtown next to Barrio Loco camping (West of map) and the Metropolis district. Hilltop in Copper County camping (East of map).

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