Solo Camp - Our Wonderful Community

So many people from all over the world make the journey to Boomtown on their own every year, but they're not on their own for long... Solo Camp is always there to welcome them! This is its story... 📚

One of our citizens, Bronte, started going to festivals on her own back in 2006... she found people on online discussion groups who were in the same boat and soon gathered them together! They started having meet-ups and this snowballed into a huge movement at other festivals across the country...

When she started coming to Boomtown in 2015 she found people on groups selling their tickets because friends had let them down... she was having none of that so she started a group and the Boomtown Solo Camp began!!

It's now at 214 members and growing every single day with its own dedicated campsite on the map. She also met her soon to be husband doing the group and they are getting married before the festival this year... ❤️

You can find them on Facebook by searching 'Boomtown solo polo camp 2019'

Our community is amazing!!! ❤️ 🌎

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