We're thinking of all of you... the citizens of Boomtown

As you know, over the last few months we've given it everything, but sadly the logistical complexities of building a Boomtown world, even at a smaller capacity, were such that it simply wasn’t meant to be this year. 

We're reminiscing on the journey we've collectively taken over the past 12 years and we're looking forward with anticipation to re-uniting in the fields in 2022! Thank you for the love and the support, we can't wait to dance together again.

This year hasn’t panned out the way we hoped, but thanks to our community’s love and support we’ve all got through it one way or another. If any of you are having your own Boomtown celebrations this weekend, or simply celebrating life with your friends and family, or reminiscing about Boomtowns past, then help us set the socials alight with love and let us know about it! 

Use the hashtag #BoomtownMemories and we’ll share our favourites on our Instagram stories & Twitter feed. 

The are a handful of remaining tickets for 'Boomtown Chapter One: The Gathering' 10th-14th August 2022 


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