Weather Warnings Update 

Weather Warnings Update 

-- This story will be updated live as the weather situation becomes clearer -- 

22.30 9/8/19 Due to the high winds, some tents and campsites have been affected. If you would like to move campsites or require alternative shelter please visit your nearest campsite hub who will be able to assist you.

21.45 9/8/19: Pagoda Plaza has re-opened! New set times here

RELIC programming is moving to Lion's Den after Chronixx. New set times:
23:00-00:00 High Contrast & Dynamite MC
00:00-01:00 Break & GQ
01:00-02:00 Mefjus & Maksim
02:00-03:00 Bad Company & MC Messy

20:00 9/8/19: RELIC has been closed due to high winds and will not reopen tonight. It is likely that other stages will also be closed over the next few hours for public safety. Please follow any safety instructions from the staff on the ground. More information will follow.

8/8/19: With high winds forecast and some of our fellow festivals forced to cancel across the country, we’re understandably getting a lot of questions about what we’re doing to prepare for the predicted severe weather. 

As per every year, we have robust planning measures in place covering the vast amount of variables that must be considered when running a major event. This includes extensive procedures to prepare for extreme weather conditions. Our experienced team have been constantly monitoring the weather forecast, and using our equipment onsite to aid us with monitoring the current weather conditions to enable us to increase our wet and windy weather procedures as soon as they are required.


  1. Please ensure that you don’t leave rubbish by the side of your tents, take any loose items such as camping chairs, tarpaulins, flagpoles etc.. back to your car, or put inside your tent as they could blow away. Please do not put up any gazebos or windbreaks.
  2. Please peg your tents securely - at a 45-degree angle away from your tent.
  3. Peg out all your guy ropes.
  4. Keep an eye out for updates via push notifications on our apps or the live digital screens across the festival.
  5. Please text our 24-hour text service 07502 648 200 to report anything or if you have a problem.

Public safety is the absolute priority so we will be working through our severe weather plans to prepare for the predicted weather on Friday, and if it comes to it, evacuation or cancellation would be considered to ensure the safety of those in attendance.

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