Introducing the CH11 app!!

Introducing the CH11 app!!

The people have spoken, and we have listened ... 🚀
Introducing... THE CH11 BOOMTOWN APP!
We've been working quietly behind the scenes with the team at @woov to bring you a much-requested music focussed app! 🍾
For the first time ever in Boomtown history, our citizens will be able to create their own timetable BEFORE arriving at the city, with stages and set times galore. Make sure you stay tuned for any programme updates. 

Plus there's a handy function to find your friends and the interactive map (coming soon!)

Download it now to start planning your time in the city!

We know that phone signal is limited at festivals so Woov was built to be able to handle that - there are a couple of main features that require some service;  finding your friends, sending and receiving chat messages

All other features like the timetable, your personal timetable, the map, and other event info are cached locally on your phone. Meaning these will work with no signal. You'll even get a push notification from Woov 20 minutes before your favourite artist starts, so you know you need to start moving. This works offline as well!!

For all you storyline followers, there is still a separate theatrical app too which is just being fine-tuned and will be available soon...!
And for those who like to keep things in the physical world, we'll still have the A5 programme available at the festival with extra in-depth content and interesting insights into the city. 

Happy planning! x

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