Welcome to a Techno City!

A culture is being re-born!

Join us on a journey through rave and experience the story of techno, taking you back to where it all started and leading us into the present day...xx

Nucleus: (A-Z)
Amelie Lens / Ben UFO B2B Joy Orbison / Boys Noize B2B Erol Alkan / Carl Cox / Claude VonStroke / Dense & Pika / SAMA' / Eats Everything / Enrico Sangiuliano / Four Tet / La Fleur Official B2B B.Traits / Mall Grab / Jordon Alexander / Skream

SP23 (Spiral Tribe Thursday Street Party
Max Volume / Meltdown Mickey / Ixindamix / Bad Girlz / Jeff23 / 69db / Crystal Distortion
VJ : Feenix 13 / Decor Design: Mark Angelo (Cult of Signs)

Aaron Liberator / Ben Fraser / Benji303 / Chris Liberator / COLINIZER / CYBER STEVE / Dale West / DDR / DJ Kaynasty / Dj no comment / DJ Sensible / DONUT / Dynamic Intervention / FIL BRAY / Jah Scoop / James Kinetec / Jodie Rose / Matt Acidic - Dj Acidic / Medusa / Narkitekt / Sarah Monument / Sol Ray / Sterling Moss / STEVE PROTOR / STORM4CE / STRAIT-JACKIT

Boomtown News

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District Announcement: Kidztown

Welcome to the streets of Kidztown, Boomtown Fair where our youngest citizens rule the city!

Redefining family festival fun in a melting pot of mischievous mayhem for all ages; rave to Junior Jungle, FUN DMC and Big Fish Little Fish, get creative in one of the many workshops or escape to the Wild Woods for Forest School foraging...

From breakdancing gorillas to karaoke singing grans the wonders are endless in this haven for all generations ;) xx

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