How To Guide

How To Guide

  1. Get prepared in advance & create your online account 

When you have received your e-ticket in the first week of June, log in here and use your festival entry ticket reference number found on your entry ticket to create your account.  

This allows you to top up in advance of the show, and also to top up quickly and easily during the show online through your smartphone. It will also enable you to set up an auto top up, allow you to track your purchase history, replace your wristband with the balance intact if it gets lost and easily receive any refund of left over credit.

Take the 12 digit code from your ticket, click the link below and follow the instructions.

  1. How to get your RFID wristband on site

The RFID technology has already been built into your festival entry wristband. 

When you arrive at the festival and get to accreditation, you will receive your festival wristband. If you have already set up a virtual account online, the account and your balance will be linked to your wristband at the gate which means you are ready to go.  

  1. Topping up online during the show 

If you want to top up on site. Just log in to your account on your smartphone and press the top-up button. You can either choose one of the preset amounts or you can enter a top-up amount of your choice. Then enter your bank card details to complete the transaction. You can choose to save the payment method if you wish. 

If you haven’t created an online virtual account in advance, you can do so at any time during the festival by visiting from your smartphone and entering the unique 6 digit code on the back of your RFID chip. 

  1. How to use your wristband 

Simply tap your wristband on the scanner at any pay point and your payment will be automatically taken. 

  1. How to check your balance
  • How to check balance online - sign in to your virtual account and your current balance will be displayed on the home screen. 
  • How to check balance at the Cash Free Bank - ask a cashier or customer support rep to tap your wristband, and your balance will be shown on their scanner. 
  • How to check balance at traders - ask a trader to tap your wristband, and your balance will be shown on their scanner.
  1. Refund on remaining balance 

If you have a remaining balance on your wristband, this will be refunded to you free of charge. 

If you have set up a virtual account, your refund will be automatically initiated post show, you don’t need to do anything! You will receive your refund within 7 - 10 working days depending on your bank.

If you haven’t set up a virtual account, On Monday 15th August you will receive an email from Boomtown with a link to request your refund or you can visit from 2pm onwards. You will need to go online and submit the unique 6 digit number that is printed on the back of your wristband chip and provide bank card details to initiate your refund. After you have initiated the refund, you will receive your refund within 7 - 10 working days depending on your bank.

Due to banking systems we are technically unable to refund any amount that is less than £0.50. These credits will be donated to our local charity partners. 

You can request a refund of any remaining balance up to the end of the 31st of August. 


If you want to use your RFID wristband without setting up an account and want to only top up by cash or card on site -  you can.  

However, should your wristband be lost or damaged if you have not set up an online account, you will not be able to receive a refund of any last known credit balance. 

All you need to do is arrive at Boomtown and collect your festival entry wristband at accreditation. Once you are within the city walls you can top up using cash or card at the onsite Cash Free Bank.

If you don’t have an online account but would like to know your balance, just go to the Cash Free bank and ask them, or you can go to any pay point and ask the staff to scan your wristband for you. 

To get your refund visit from 2pm after the festival and initiate the refund process.  You will need the unique number that is printed on your wristband chip to complete this.