Cash Free FAQ's


All cashless RFID wristband queries are supported by the dedicated cashless customer service team, via email: 

Please also refer to our RFID Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Cash Free - General FAQs

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) refers to a wireless system comprising two components: tags and readers. This means your wristband will have a RFID chip (the tag) on it that will allow cash free transactions via trader scanners (the reader) inside the festival making your experience faster, safer and  easier.

Yes! If you choose to wait to set up your account until you get to Boomtown you can. You do not need to do this in advance - although we always recommend getting organised ahead of time. 

Once you are within the city walls, you can add credit to your wristband online by setting up a virtual account, using the unique 6 digit number on the back of your RFID chip and using a card/banking details or you can visit the Cash Free Bank to top up using card or cash.

Registering an online virtual account is not mandatory but it is recommended as it does make the process easier. This includes the ability to top up online through your smartphone, enable auto top up, track your purchase history and easily replace your wristband with the balance intact if it gets lost. It also allows for automatic refunds after the show.

If you do not want to create a personal account, you’re free to remain anonymous. Just walk into the festival and use the Cash Free Bank to add credit to your wristband. The system will only identify you by your wristband number, with no personal data attached. You can still load funds to your wristband using the onsite Cash Free Bank and pay with it at any point-of-sale.

We will treat your data in line with our privacy policy that can be found here.

The RFID wristbands do not rely on wifi or internet connection to make payments. The system is able to operate without internet or power. It has no central point of failure, ensuring continuous service throughout Boomtown.

On arrival at the festival you will be given a wristband where you can load an amount of money onto it using either one of the top up booths or via your online account. You will then be able to use it at any bar, food vendor, shop or service provider inside the festival. After the festival, you’ll be able to request a refund of the remaining balance.

The cash free technology is incorporated into the chip on your festival entry wristband that you’ll receive when your ticket is scanned at the entrance of Boomtown.

We suggest that you put enough money on your wristband for your entire visit, so you avoid having to go back to one of the top-up points if you run out of credit on your wristband.

Everything! At Boomtown, your wristband is the only accepted payment method. Our bars, food and drink stalls, merchants, artisans and other services within the festival will only be using our cash free system, and will not accept cash or card as payment. You can also donate to any of the charities on site using your wristband too. 

Yes, sun and rain and even a shower will not damage your wristband.

Your wristband will be valid for the entire duration Boomtown, and you can use it as many times as you wish. For security reasons, the maximum amount accepted on the wristband at a time is £750.

Not to worry! We will have multiple Top-Up WIFI hotspots around the site that you can use to access the top-up page to allow a fast and easy top up experience. You can always visit the Cash Free Bank too.

All of the machines used to tap your wrist band show how much money you have left. The bartenders can give you a quick update as they scan your card or you can ask for your remaining balance whenever you go to the bar. If you have registered an account you will be able to check your balance on your phone from the comfort of your tent!

For a festival as complex and large as Boomtown, we are always trying to improve and streamline our operations. 

Going cash free means we are minimising the risk of COVID-19 transmission through reducing physical contact during payments - minimising risk to both you and our traders remains a key priority.

Free of charge, we are able to offer you a super quick, simple means of payment onsite, no longer dependent on wifi connectivity as well as streamlining for traders. Through the creation of your online account, we are also able to re-credit you with your last known balance should you lose your wristband, this cannot happen if you lose cash or a card.

No, using the cash free system is entirely free. You will not be charged for activating your account, topping up with credit or requesting a refund.

For security reasons, the maximum amount accepted on the wristband at a time is £750.

Yes, there will be accessible top up points.

Cash Free - Topping Up

If the balance on your wristband is too low, you won’t be able to pay. The operator will ask you to top-up online or at the Cash Free Bank.

You can add money to your wristband online before the festival starts by setting up an online virtual account or by using your smartphone during the festival.  If you would rather add it in person during the show you can do so at the Cash Free Bank located inside the festival gates.

If you wish to add money to your wristband whilst at Boomtown  you can go to any of our designated top-up booths at the Cash Free Bank. Our designated Top-Up Booths allow you to add money to your wristbands by using credit or debit cards. Some of these booths also allow you to use cash to add money to your wristbands, if you prefer not to use debit/credit cards.

Yes, we have also provided ATM’s to assist with topping-up using cash. These will be located next to the Cash Free Bank and will be highlighted on the Map when it is released in the summer.

Yes! You can select an automatic top-up online through your registered online virtual  account and your balance will update automatically.

The homepage of your personal account will show you all the top-up options, which can include different top up amounts. You also have the option to create automatic top ups which will top-up your balance each time it reaches below a certain value.

Manual top-ups are a one-time payment that adds money to your wristband with your  selected amount. If you run out of credit in the festival, you’ll have to manually top-up again online or at the Cash Free Bank.

Yes - if you are attending Boomtown as a family group or a couple, you can manage the cash free credit for everyone in one place, so you don’t need to register a separate personal cash free account for each person. We will give more details on how to do this in the coming weeks.

You are able to check the remaining balance on your wristband, both before and after each transaction at any of the Boomtown  bars, food and drink stalls, merchants, artisans and other services within the festival. If you have created an online virtual account, you can also check your balance there. 

Cash Free - Refunds

Your refund will be automatically initiated from Monday 15th August at 2pm. You will receive your money within 7-10 working days depending on your bank.

On Monday 15th August you will receive an email from Boomtown with a link to request your refund or you can visit You will need to submit the unique 6 digit code that is printed on the back of your wristband chip and provide bank card details.

Refunds are processed every Tuesday. Depending on when you request it, your funds will be released immediately on the following Tuesday and returned to you within 3 - 5 working days.

The refund system will automatically calculate the correct refundable balance, excluding any free offers, incentives or gifts that may have been applied during the festival

Yes, due to banking systems we are technically unable to refund any amount that is less than £0.50. These credits will be donated to our local charity partners. 

Refunds are processed every Tuesday. Depending on when you request it, your funds will be released immediately on the following Tuesday and returned to you within 7 - 14 working days depending on your bank.

No you won’t. No charge is made to process refunds.

Cash Free - Safety

Near Field Chip (NFC) devices, such as the RFID cash free system, exchange data using a High Frequency (HF) radio wave.  This is the same technology used to make a contactless payment with your bank card or via your smartphone using Apple Pay or Google Pay. The chip itself is passive, meaning it does not emit an electromagnetic signal, exposing you to no more risk than your contactless card.

If you have any concerns, we suggest you refer to the latest information provided by the government’s Health Protection Agency.

If you have doubts about any past transaction, you can go to the Cash Free Bank in the festival and ask for your transaction history. You can also review and keep an eye on all your transactions you have made, by reviewing your online virtual account. If you want receipts for any of your transactions, you will be able to access them via your online virtual account.

If your wristband is lost or stolen and you have registered for your online virtual account, we can block the lost or stolen wristband and transfer all your unspent money onto a new wristband for you. 

Please go to the Cash Free Bank and ask for a new one. You’ll be asked to show your ticket and given a new wristband. You will be credited with the last known balance from your wristband. Boomtown cannot be held responsible for any balance spent between you losing your wristband and the festival issuing you with another one.

Losing your wristband is like losing your wallet and your ticket, so keep it safe. If you do lose it or it gets stolen, you can go to the Cash Free Bank and ask for a new one. You’ll be asked to show your ticket and given a new wristband, but your new wristband won’t have any of the unspent money you had on your previous wristband. We will be unable to block the lost/stolen wristband if it has not been registered and likewise unable to transfer any of the unspent money that may have been on it.

There are a number of ways in which RFID is safer than carrying cards and cash - 

  • Your RFID wristband will keep an itemised record of every purchase you make during the festival which you can view via your online account, allowing you to keep track of your expenditure.  
  • If you lose your RFID wristband and you have set up an online account, we can block the lost wristband and transfer your unspent money onto a new wristband for you. If you lose your cash or someone fraudulently uses your bank card, we are unable to help. 
  • The use of RFID wristbands has been shown to reduce the number of pick-pocketers operating at festival sites.
  • Removing the use of cash and cards also reduces the need for physical contact during a payment which helps to reduce the transmission of covid.

Confidentiality and safety of personal data and customer transactions is our number one priority. Weezevent, who Boomtown has partnered with to provide the RFID technology, utilises servers that use the latest data encryption protocols (SSL and HTTPS among others). 

Weezevent is certified by GlobalSign nv-sa, a certificate authority. Throughout any top-up transaction, you can check the validity of this certificate by clicking on the GlobalSign certificate icon in your browser's search bar, checking for the presence of the green lock, or HTTPS.

The system employed three levels of security to ensure that the chips cannot be cloned:

  1. Triple Data Encryption Standard (DES) - the same high level security that is used in banking for credit and debit cards and in military field communications;
  2. Native Encryption and password protection of the Near Field Chip (NFC);
  3. In-built security features within the system that automatically detect and block any suspect behaviour. 

Cash Free - Data protection

The wristbands we use can only be detected by our access devices at the gates and by the payment scanners used by vendors from a few centimetres away and are not equipped with any GPS technology.

Your wristband chip is protected by a highly secure encryption that makes it impossible to copy or steal the information stored on it.

We will treat your data in line with our privacy policy that can be found here. If you wish for your data to be deleted from the system you can request this by emailing

Both Boomtown and Weezevent fully comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. Full information on how the requirements are met can be found here:

If you choose to make a cash free account in advance of the event - we will ask for your consent to collect the following data:

- Your First Name
- Your Second Name
- Your Age
- Your Gender
- Your Ticket Number
- Your Credit Balance
- Transactional Data relating only to your purchases at the event
- Access Data - this data is as standard on the wristband to tell us whether you are in or out of the festival.

The data is only collected if you make an account and is collected to allow the following:

  • To identify you and to associate you and your wristband with your purchased tickets.

  • To give you access to the festival site, and to monitor your attendance at the site for health, safety and security purposes.

  • To allow you to make purchases whilst at the festival through the cash free system.

  • To allow our bars, food and market traders and other vendors, to sell their goods and services to you, as well as monitor their own sales.

  • To allow us to assist you with the replacement of lost or damaged wristbands, and to enable the transfer of last know credit should a wristband be lost.

  • To allow us to analyse anonymised transactional and demographic data collected.

  • To allow us to understand preferences and buying patterns, at an anonymised level, so we can provide improved good and services at future events.

Only Weezevent and Boomtown have access to the personal data within the cash free system. Third party partners such as bars, food and market traders and vendors will have access to non-personal data relating only to their sales transactions. 

Your data will not be passed onto any third parties and will only be used for the purposes stated

  • By Weezevent to enable to implementation of the access and cash free service.

  • By Boomtown’s authorised partners (such as bars, food and market traders, and vendors) to allow you to purchase goods and services during the festival, and to allow them access to their own sales data post event.

  • By Boomtown post festival to allow us to understand, at an anonymised level, preferences and buying patterns to allow us to improve the festival offering in future years.

Your data is stored within Weezevent’s database in Ireland and Boomtown’s database in either the UK, or in the USA within the parameters of the Adequacy Regulations.

Personal data is only stored for the period of time it is needed to deliver the access and cash free system, and to enable the refund of credit post event.

 All other data is stored in accordance with timelines stated in the GDPR regulations.

 Yes. You can submit a Subject Access Request (SAR) to Boomtown and your data will be shared with you. A nominal charge of £10 will be made for each request to cover administrative costs. If you wish to make a SAR, please contact

Your data can be erased post event, once it is no longer needed to process refunds, or if the event doesn’t take place and you have created a virtual account, once data is no longer needed to process a refund.

If you wish to erase your data, please contact and we will do this for you and confirm when it has been done.

Yes, by logging into your Virtual Account online, you can update your personal data.

Cash Free - Cash only

We are aware that everyone has different financial situations and many of our citizens will primarily use cash in their everyday life. This will not affect you while at Boomtown as you will be able to top up your wristband using cash on site at the Cash Free Bank.