Welcome to the latest updates on our planning application.  We’re here to keep you in the loop every step of the way. Your input is invaluable, and we appreciate your support as we move through this important process.

what are we applying for?

This summer we aim to submit a temporary use planning application in order to continue to host our beloved Boomtown once a calendar year at the Matterley Estate. We are seeking to increase the capacity of our festival from 2025 over a new three-year permission to 75,999 attendees (plus 1,000 on Sunday)

This application, if approved, would bring our planning permission capacity, granted by South Downs National Park Authority, in line with our current licensed capacity already granted by Winchester City Council.

Latest update

We’ve submitted a request for an EIA Scoping Opinion to the South Downs National Park Authority for Boomtown's Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Read Scoping Report

What does this mean?

The Scoping Report outlines our vision for Boomtown, including our ambitions to increase capacity from 2025 over three years to 75,999 attendees, plus our additional 1000 Sunday community. It also dives into the potential environmental impacts associated with our event, because we're committed to protecting and respecting our planet.  The report isn't set in stone; it's a living, breathing blueprint that will evolve through consultation with you, our local community and the wider public.

The EIA Scoping Report is an important step in ensuring a responsible and transparent development process. It involves a detailed assessment of potential environmental impacts across various areas, such as ecology, transport, sound, air quality and lighting.

The South Downs National Park Authority will review the EIA Scoping Report over a five week period and provide guidance on the development of the full EIA.

Public consultation

You will have access to detailed information about our proposed plans as part of our consultation process. This includes information on ecology and environment, sound and vibration, lighting, transport and access, site layouts, landscape and visuals, and more.

We will host this both online and in-person, to discuss the plans and gather your valuable feedback.

Check out our timeline below for confirmed details of our consultation dates.

Following our public consultation we will review all feedback received and aim to submit a full planning application to the South Downs National Park Authority later this summer.



24th April
Local residents meeting: The Flowerpots Inn, Cherinton


Request for an EIA Scoping Opinion Submitted to the South Downs National Park Authority
Date TBA
Digital Public Consultation - Boomtown Website
24th June
Public Consultation Drop-In Sessions
25th June
Public Consultation Drop-In Sessions
26th June
Public Consultation Drop-In Sessions


18th July
Local Residents Meeting - The Flowerpots Inn, Cheriton


7th - 12th August
Boomtown Chapter Three: Revolution of Imagination


25th September
Local Residents Meeting - The Flowerpots Inn, Cheriton

in your words

If you think Boomtown is just a music festival here's some words from our audience that help you see it's a little bit more than that.

"Boomtown has earned its reputation as a standout event in Winchester, primarily due to its commitment to artistic expression and musical diversity."

Mya Kupfuwa 2

"When you’re here it makes all your worries go away and the vibe is just immaculate."

Vibes imamaculate

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"Hats off to the organisers they done an amazing job and I absolutely can not wait to come back next year!"

"Absolutely unreal experience"

"This year was my first time at boomtown and the only thing I’m upset about is how long it’s taken me to attend"

Hippy Highway

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"This year was my first time at boomtown and the only thing I’m upset about is how long it’s taken me to attend"

"This year was my first time at boomtown and the only thing I’m upset about is how long it’s taken me to attend"

"Boomtown is a beacon of artistic expression, musical diversity and environmental stewardship. Its continued presence in the South Downs National Park not only enriches the cultural landscape of Winchester but also serves as a model for sustainable event management."

Mya Kupfuwa quote

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"Hats off to the organisers they have done an amazing job and I absolutely can not wait to come back next year!"

Hats Off

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"Boomtown's pledge to the environment articulates their commitment to avoiding fossil fuels and embracing sustainable alternatives, as well as their efforts to reuse old materials and make recycling easy through on site sorting."


“I had lost my faith in humanity finishing university and since leaving the festival I feel like I have been given a second wind, a new outlook on life. Boomtown saved my life, I literally cried at the opening ceremony realising how far I had come.”

Lost Faith

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Currently, we have planning permission to host 64,999 people with an extra 1000 Sunday tickets. This remains out of sync with our licensed capacity, set at 77,000, granted by Winchester City Council.

Back in January 2021, we made moves to increase our capacity to 75,999 attendees, with an additional 1,000 spots reserved just for our Sunday community. However, those hopes hit a snag. In December 2022, we withdrew this application following new information received in the Officer's Report to the South Downs National Park Authority Planning Committee. But, fear not we're back with a new application that has considered all of the feedback we were given within that report.


We need your support for securing the necessary licenses for the festival's continuation


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💛 Safe & sound
😛 More fun
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