Campsite Villages

Our Campsite Villages each have their own personality and to have your best Boomtown experience consider which one works best for your group.

In Hilltop village you’ll be able to wander among conjurers and sorcerers, watch trapeze artists, and learn to turn forgotten things into new found treasures. Or get wised up and inspired by talks from activists, thought leaders and changemakers.

Downtown Village is a sanctuary where everyone is welcome as they are. You can unwind, refresh and take a moment with friends old and new. There’s a whole array of activities, workshops and spaces offering Breathwork, Sound Baths, Ecstatic Dance, Yoga, Cabaret, Live Music, Fire Ceremonies, Fireside Jams and more.

New for Chapter Three... The Rookery!

Let your body rest and recuperate in the Rookery, found next to Hilltop Village. In this dappled woodland you can get a much-needed massage, have a shamanic cleansing, or create a silver talisman to take home. Pre-booked via the app or onsite reservations are available, but get in quick as all these slots will sell out.

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