Cash Free

Cash Free

We’re always looking for new ways to make our operations smoother and to improve the experience for everyone and so this year we’re removing cash transactions at the festival and introducing RFID technology.

This means that apart from at the top up points which do accept cash and cards, cash and cards will not be used at Boomtown anywhere within the city walls. Instead, you will be able to pay for everything; including food, drinks, market stall purchases, fairground rides or charity donations, using your festival entry wristband which now has the RFID technology built into it.  

It’s easy to set up an online account in advance, or to top up at the festival when you arrive. The system is secure, doesn't rely on the internet and it will reduce queues making your experience faster, safer and easier. 

The system is free to use and you won’t be charged for top-ups and refunds. If you have created an online account you’ll automatically get your money back after the festival.

You can check out all of our FAQs and ‘how to’ page below, but if you have any questions left unanswered you can contact our dedicated cash free customer service team, via email: and we will be happy to help!