Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't received my booking confirmation and/or E-ticket, what do I do?

All booking confirmations are sent to the Ticket Buyer's email address. If you are the Ticket Buyer and haven't received your booking confirmation, the most common reason is that you typed in your email address incorrectly on your order. Please contact or 0844 870 0000 and they will assist you in finding your booking.

When will I receive my ticket?

E-tickets will be emailed to the Ticket Buyer's email address in June.

I haven't received my Coach Travel Ticket, what do I do?

Confirmation of booking will be emailed to the ticket purchaser immediately after completing the booking. This is not your Travel Ticket, but confirmation of your booking.

If you wish to make changes to your booking, please log in to your TheTicketSellers account where you can change the times of your coach yourself. If you wish to change to a different coach, there will be a £5 admin charge and you will need to contact TheTicketSellers via email or phone to make the change for you.

Big Green Coach are the operators of our coaches and you can expect to receive a Travel E-ticket from them 10 days prior to the festival. Should you not receive your Travel E-ticket, please contact Big Green Coach on If Big Green Coach can’t find your booking, but you have a confirmation email from Boomtown, please contact us and we can assist them in locating your booking.

The above information applies whether you have booked a Coach Only ticket or a Coach Traveller Ticket via the Boomtown/Ticket Sellers website (Festival Ticket + Coach Travel).

Where is Boomtown?

Boomtown Festival is held at the beautiful Matterley Estate near Winchester, Hampshire. SO21 1HW. (UK)

What is a Coach Traveller ticket?

Coach Traveller tickets are combined Festival Entry Ticket AND Return Coach Tickets. Festival Tickets are offered at a reduced price* to reward coach travellers, but you must travel on the coach in order to be validated to receive your wristband on arrival at the festival.

To take advantage of the reduced price* festival ticket, simply add a Coach Ticket to your basket along with the Coach Traveller Adult Residency Pass.

*Coach Traveller tickets are priced at £170, which is £25 cheaper than Tier 3 tickets.

I booked a Coach Traveller ticket but my plans have changed and I want to drive or get a lift with someone, is that ok?

No, you must travel on the coach in order to be validated to receive your Festival Entry Ticket.

We offer discounted Festival Entry Tickets to coach travellers to encourage public transport. We calculate the size of our car parks based on coach package customers coming by coach. If all of these people were to drive, we would run out of space and the traffic would be horrendous. Please don't do this.

You will not be permitted entry to the festival if you have booked a Coach Traveller ticket and do not travel on the coach.

Do you sell day tickets?

Sorry, we don't sell day tickets.

I bought a ticket for a friend, but now they cannot attend, can I change the name on the ticket?

Yes, you can change the name on Festival Tickets and Coach Tickets. Please log into your account on where you can update names. Note, the name on the ticket must match your ID.

I bought a Split Payment ticket, how/when do I pay the balance?

You can pay off the balance of your split payment ticket by logging in to your account You can pay off the balance of your split payment ticket by logging into your account at Final payments must be received by 5th June 2017.

Please visit the Ticket Terms & Conditions Page for more information.
What happens if I don't pay my Split Payment ticket off?

Your ticket will be cancelled and you will not be refunded the deposit or booking fee.

When can I arrive on site?

Gates open on Thursday 10th August at 12pm (12 noon) and close at 9.30pm.

A limited number of stages, bars and venues open later in the afternoon, with all stages and attractions fully open on Friday 11th August.

From Friday to Sunday the gates are open from 10am to 9.30pm each day. You can leave at any time but you will not be able to get back in after 9.30pm until the following morning, even if you already have your wristband.

The car parks will open at 10am each day and close at 9pm sharp so make sure you leave plenty of time to arrive before they close.

More information regarding gate and car park opening times will be announced closer to the event.

What time can I stay on site until?

The site needs to be vacated by midday on Monday 14th August. Please make sure you are all packed up and on your merry way home by then. We know it's hard to leave and we're sad to see you go but the cows need to get settled back into their home ASAP!

When does the music start and end?

Please note that amplified music isn't 24hrs.

Thu: 12:00 – 00:00

Fri: 12:00 – 04:00

Sat: 12:00 – 04:00

Sun: 12:00 – 00:00
Is Boomtown family friendly?

Yes! As well as the specific KidzTown area, Boomtown also has family camping, a separate family car parking entrance (closer to family camping) and arts and crafts workshops for the whole family in Whistlers Green. Each year we aim to improve on the facilities and experiences we offer families to make it an event for all generations.

How much alcohol can I bring in with me?

You may bring up to 16 x 440ml cans of lager/cider/beer OR 17 x 250ml cans of premix spirit drinks OR a 3-litre box of wine OR 7 litres of cider/lager/beer in plastic bottles or cans.

Due to licence conditions no glass is allowed on site and will be confiscated at point of entry. Unopened plastic bottles are allowed, but if the seal is broken these will also be confiscated at the gates as we cannot allow unidentifiable substances onto the festival site. No re-entry with alcohol also applies.
Can I bring my own sound system?

In short, no. Please don't bring additional soundsystems to Boomtown, we've got music pretty much covered ;) If you just can't fight the urge to bust out some bass, you're best off applying to be one of our officially programmed soundsystems, so head on over here (in November) to apply properly. The campsites are patrolled for rogue systems, which will be confiscated and you run the risk of being ejected from the site, which we really don't want to happen!

How can I apply to trade at Boomtown?

Applications to trade at the 2017 festival are now closed. If you have any questions, please contact

Applications to trade at the 2018 festival will open on 1st December.

Can I bring my pet?

As much as we love little creatures, it is against our licence terms to have animals on site. Should you arrive with your dog/cat/goat/hamster etc... you will be refused entry to the site, so please leave your furry friends at home. Only guide dogs are allowed, if you need to bring a guide dog with you please see our Access information.

I'm under 18. Can I come to Boomtown?

Boomtown welcomes families bringing teens or children with them. All teens must be accompanied by a parent/guardian aged 30 or over throughout the duration of the festival. Teen tickets may only be purchased by the accompanying parent/guardian after they buy their own adult ticket. The same adult MUST be with the teen(s) when they collect their wristbands and accompany the teen at all times during the event.

Unaccompanied teens cannot attend Boomtown.

Child tickets (12 and under) can be purchased by an adult aged 25 or over. The same adult must be with the child when they collect their wristband and children must be accompanied at all times.

I'm a charity! How can we participate?

Boomtown welcomes applications from registered charities and community interest groups who want to come to the festival and engage with our audience in a fun, interactive way.

To apply, please complete an application form here.

What is the tiered system for tickets?

The Boomtown ticketing system is based around three different price levels. 2017 prices are as follows:

· Tier 1 Adult Residency Pass - £155 + £7 booking fee + £10 refundable EcoBond

· Tier 2 Adult Residency Pass - £170 + £7 booking fee + £10 refundable EcoBond

· Tier 3 Adult Residency Pass - £195 + £7 booking fee + £10 refundable EcoBond

The only difference between the tiers is the price. All tiers allow access to all general public spaces and campsites throughout the site.
Why do you charge booking fees?

Booking fees pay for the administration, customer and IT support that goes into processing ticket orders and they also pay for the huge amount of infrastructure that is required to set up and operate the wristband exchange and gates on site.

Is Boomtown suitable for me if I have a disability?

The festival is located on a hilly green-field site that utilises the natural bowl, the neighbouring woodland and the surrounding slopes. There are provisions in place to enable disabled access but please do get in touch with us directly so we can give you the best advice. Please take the weather into consideration as this can have a massive impact on how easy it is for people to move around the site. Disabled toilets are available across the festival site.

Will there be medical care available?

The Medical Welfare tent provide experienced, caring and confidential help for all kinds of practical and personal problems.

Can I have a BBQ / Bonfire?

Open fires, BBQs and candle flares are strictly forbidden for safety reasons. If you have a small camping stove with you, please read the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure you are using it correctly and ensure the gas valve is OFF when changing the gas. NEVER EVER use a gas stove inside a tent.

You can click here for more advice from Hampshire Fire & Rescue about safe usage of portable cooking appliances in tents.

What is the deal with lighting candles?

As pretty as twinkling tea-lights can be, they are very dangerous in a camping situation with all those flammable tents around. A torch or electric lantern is much better and far brighter.

What should I do if I spot a fire?

Should you discover a fire please raise the alarm with the nearest campsite hub, steward or security immediately. Please do not attempt to put it out yourself but ensure that you and all others in the vicinity are at a safe distance until it has been contained and properly extinguished.

Can I smoke anywhere on site?
The legislation regarding smoking inside public places applies to tented venues in the same way it does at your favourite club or pub. You will be asked to finish your cigarette outside if caught smoking in a venue.
Can I bring a campervan?

Yes. We have separate campervan/caravan passes available. Please remember that each person staying in the vehicle must have a valid festival ticket too. More information about Campervans can be found in our T&Cs.

What's the best way to get to Boomtown?

There are loads of ways to get to Boomtown and we recommend public transport as being the way forward. Big Green Coach are running coaches from over 55 locations UK wide, shuttle buses run from the local train station in Winchester and taxis and car share schemes are available.

Are there public showers at Boomtown?

You can find hot showers, posh loos and pamper areas with hairdryers & straighteners in the Hilltop & Downtown Boomtique Villages or at one of the three Zooloos locations (Wild West Campsite, Town Centre Campsite, Downtown Info Island). To access any of these areas you will need to purchase a Boomtique Village or Zooloos pass and all of the options are priced at £35 + £3.50 booking fee. More info here.

Where is the Reserved Campsite and/or Tangerine Fields and/or Camplight?

Reserved Camping and Tangerine Fields are Hilltop, in the campsite between Town Centre and Lion’s Den. Camplight is a mere stone’s throw away from the coach & shuttle bus drop off meaning you can travel to the festival with the lightest of loads.

Will I be able to get a signal on my phone?

As with most larger festival sites phone signal does tend to be a bit hit and miss... There are no payphones onsite so it's best to do things the old fashioned way and plan a pre-arranged meeting spot. Both Info Tents also have a noticeboard where you can leave messages for lost friends.

What happens if I run out of cash?

There are cash machines available on site in case you need to top up your wallet. Please note these do carry a transaction fee. Card payments are also widely accepted on site at all bars, some food traders, lots of the market stalls and all the merchandise stalls.

If you plan to bring lots of cash with you to site, make sure you put this in a rentable locker. Although we are clamping down HARD on tent thieves, some slippery ones still do operate around the festival, so please keep yourself and your belongings as safe as you possibly can and don't give these opportunistic robbers the chance to profit from your loses.
What's Boomtown's policy on drugs?

As with all festivals, town and cities across the country UK law applies. Do not bring drugs into the city, they will be confiscated and you run the risk of being prosecuted. For several years, we have run a Ketamine-Awareness campaign to help highlight the dangers of Ketamine abuse.

Is there anything else I shouldn't bring?

Please do not bring fireworks, glass containers, potential weapons, portable laser equipment including laser pens or any illegal or offensive items. This is a family friendly event and antisocial or illegal behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in you being ejected from the site, or worse, arrested.

What should I bring with me?

Only bring what you can afford to lose. Work out what you're sleeping in and what you will need to keep warm and dry and only bring what you think you will need for the weekend. And please, please, please only bring things that you are going to take home with you.

Food is reasonably priced on site, so we recommend ditching the gas stove and pot noodles.

I can't find the answer to my question

If you have a question about tickets, please contact or 0844 870 0000.

For everything else, please contact and we'll get back to you as fast as we can.