Your City - Your Say - THE RESULTS!!

Your City, Your Say Survey Results:

Thanks to every citizen who got involved and took the time to fill out our survey. Some really interesting results have come to light and all the points are being taken on board within the BoomTown committee to make sure next year things in your city just get better and better!!

Since this city is massively down to you and what you all bring to it, we wanted to share with you some of your collective views so please see below for an overview of all the hotly anticipated results to the Your City, Your Say – Chapter Six Survey!

Q. Are you planning on coming back next year?

Result: a whopping 94% answered yes or maybe to this, which gives us all a warm and fuzzy feeling, plus with so many people planning on returning the sense of community can only become more ingrained in our society! For the 6% that didn’t want to return the reasons were limited in their range, some people felt it had got a bit too big and others were waiting for the line up before deciding fully…

Q. Our city does grow each year but it’s so important to us that we keep the magic to population ration the same, did we achieve this?

Result: 71% thought we did, which is going in the right direction and we’ll continue to keep working on getting this balance just right and ensuring that the 12% who didn’t think we achieved it or were undecided (17%), when you come back next year your minds will hopefully be totally changed!

Q. Last year’s feedback was that the city felt a bit too spacious! How did you feel it was this year?

Result: 80% felt it was either spot on or spacious which is awesome!! But we have listened to the individual feedback points from the 20% that felt it was over crowded and are looking to expand the stage capacities where possible.

Q. How did you arrive at the Fair?

Results: although unsurprisingly most people arrive in cars with 68% arriving via car share or own car we were amazed that 27% of our citizens arrived via public transport with a huge 15% using the BoomBuses!! As we aspire to be an environmentally friendly festival reducing the amount of singular vehicles arriving onsite is fantastic and helps reduce congestion and traffic around the festival site, which in turn helps us keep our neighbours happy too!! Although we are massively pleased with 27% we will do our best to build upon this year on year and make arrival and departure from the fair as easy and carbon neutral as possible…

Q. How long did you queue to get in?

Results: Even though we added in a new gate for entry this year the majority of feedback mentions pretty hefty waiting times at the gates with most people waiting between 2 – 3 hours. Later on in the survey we asked when you arrive onsite and 93% of the festival all arrive pretty much at the same time on Thursday, so with this volume of people to process it does take time but we will look into adding more scanners, lanes and staff to monitor the queues better as well as ensure that refreshments and conveniences are available for those who require them.

Q. Do you follow the storyline of BoomTown?

Results: 62% of you said you did!! Hooray! Now we just need to work on the remaining 38% and we’ll be good to go!! We have put a lot into the storyline over the years, especially since 2012 and aim to grown on this aspect and involvement of the festival each year. The best way to engage with the storyline before the festival is via the newsletters, facebook and website, so get involved!!!

Q. We want to create a community world where everyone is equal and can be who they want to be – Was this your experience of the Fair?

Result: 87% of you felt the community love!! This is music to our ears…it is one of the reasons for BoomTown’s existence and something that is really, really important to us, so the fact that so many of you got that too is just amazing. You also offered up some pretty interesting ways in which we could build upon this, with embellishments on the passport scheme, more district related activities and a BoomTown National Anthem all being suggested as potential community building enterprises!


Q. Did you hear about our drug awareness campaign?

Result: 95% of you said yes. WOW!! This is an astonishing result and so great to hear that the word got out there. In the comments section many people noted that there seemed to be a significant reduction of Ketamine on the festival site and a LOT of people were pretty happy about this. Some of the constructive criticism we got regarding the campaign was that some people felt it could be more educational, suggesting we had a fact page on the website… this does exist and has been on the website here since we launched the campaign at the beginning of 2014, but we will look to ensure there is more available education onsite as well. Another critique was that it was too narrow and we needed to focus on other drugs apart from Ketamine. Our reasons for focusing on Ketamine for 2014 were very clear (see webpage intro) but we do see that information and education on all harmful substances will be useful for the future so will expand on the fact sheets on the website as well as circulation of education on site.

Q. Did you notice a presence of drugs on site?

Results: 59% Yes – 41% No. A pretty interesting split in perceptions there, and good to see that the blatant usage and presence of drugs wasn’t as apparent as it has been in previous years or at other festivals. We want this to be seriously reduced though as feel the festival has so much more to offer and would like our citizens to leave with memories that can last a lifetime.

Q. As part of our licence agreement we had to have a strong presence of police on the gates to help us keep you safe and keep drugs out of our city. Was it noticeable?

Result: 88% - Yes. We also asked if you found them approachable and friendly around the festival and the majority of the comments were overwhelmingly positive regarding this. Here’s a couple of examples from your fellow citizens:

Both the police and the security guards seemed genuine, other festivals they have seemed more out to get you. In boomtown they always seem like they are doing it for your well being.

Yeah I did, they were fantastic! they kept a great attitude to all the residents at all times and weren't afraid to have a laugh and keep things light hearted however you always felt a bit safer and sure that it was as under control as an awesome festival could be. I think it was a great addition!

Q. Did you find our security team approachable and friendly?

Results: 54% Yes / 38% Didn’t Notice / 7% no.

One of the main feedback points from 2013 was that the security were rather unapproachable, we took this on the chin and scoured the land to find the safest, snuggly security folk to protect all our citizens and keep a watchful eye out for you all, without getting in the way of having fun! With this in mind, the results above are amazingly positive and show a huge difference from last year!! We are really pleased to hear that you have a predominantly pleasant experience, or no need to even notice they were there!! We did receive a fair amount of comments about lack of information on the festival site (this crops up a bit throughout the survey…) and will make sure that we address this issue fully for next year.

Q. Did you find out steward team informative and helpful?

Results: Yes: 56% / No: 16% / Didn’t notice: 27%

Again all generally positive apart from the lack of direction capabilities, especially on the arrival day. This will be addressed for next year! Maps, maps, maps and more maps!!! The people want the maps!! The boomtown committee will ensure that the streets are awash with so many maps and info boards for next year that you’ll feel like professional orienteers by the end of the fair!

Q. Did you notice a good steward / security presence in the campsites?

Results: Yes: 69% / No: 31%

We also asked you to comment on whether you thought our anti- tent theft messages and advice helped you stay safe in the campsite – overall you said that you felt safe in the campsites and there was a good feeling of people looking out for each other. As with most UK festivals we did still have tent thefts this year but they were down from last year. This is something we know that all citizens would like to see the back of and will continue to work hard to keep them out of our city!!


Q. What were your entertainment highlights?

Results: What a mixed bag of personalities you are!! There wasn't one overall favourite highlight… you all mentioned a bucket load of everything that was going on!!! The Pirate Ship, Old Mines and Hidden Woods went down really well, as did Wild West, Tribe of Frog, BoomBox, the Lion’s Den, The Wailers, the overall atmosphere, the fact that you feel the festival genuinely cares that everyone has a good time, basically, the list goes on and thank you for all your positivity and generally just getting so thoroughly involved!!

Q. Entertainment disappointments

Result: Hmmmm, think we could have guessed the resounding result came out as Mr. Boombastic, following in a close second was the rain and then the sound levels… all of which were pretty interlinked. But a lot of you were very generous and stated that you had no entertainment disappointments whatsoever!!

Food, Facilities and Funds:

Q. What did you think of the toilets?

Results: 55% you thought they were OK – Excellent - 45% thought they needed improvement or were awful.

It seems that some districts / campsites / stages had it worse than others but is something we have taken on board and fully acknowledge that there were issues, all of which we will address for next year.

Q. Availability of water

Results: 77% felt this was OK – Excellent. We will always look to add more water points where we can, as totally recognise that the access to free water is of the utmost importance!! Some people also mentioned that you’d like more water point signage and better marking out on the maps, which we will look to address for next year also.

Q. Information Points?

Results: 85% felt the info points were OK – Excellent but could always improve with more information and a bigger set up.

Q. Did you think we had enough bins on site?

Results: 70% - Yes / 30% - No

Q. Did you feel they were emptied regularly enough?

Results: 78% - Yes / 22% No.

Couple of comments from residents:

If only the toilets were as ubiquitous as the bins, and emptied as often!

A lot of people wanting recycling bins, but all the rubbish gets taken to a sorting plant and recycled off site. We are still totting up the total amount that was actually recycled and will release this info as soon as we have them.

Q. What did you think of the EcoBond system?

Results: There was unquestionable support for the EcoBond but with the vast majority of people feeling like the queues were too long and that you should be able to exchange them earlier in the weekend, have the stations open for much longer and in more places!! We will do our very best to make this system much easier to use to help with the clear up and ensure you don’t feel like it was purposely hard so you couldn’t get your money back…


Results: Overall you felt that variety of drinks, speed of service and friendliness of staff were pretty good, but one glaring mistake from our end was the misadvertising of the bar prices. We are truly sorry this happened, it was not our intention to mislead our residents and was an unfortunate error that we will try our very hardest to not do again!! We work tirelessly to bring you a good range of quality beverages onsite and aim to keep the prices as low as possible, but with many a middleman in the mix the final prices are often taken out of our hands but we should have held back on confirming any prices until we knew what they would be in the end.


Q. Did we supply enough variety of food?

Results: 93% of you felt either spoilt for choice or were quite happy with the variety of food on offer. Some people did mention that you’d like some plainer options available. Also, we had a few reports of the feasts for a fiver being hard to hunt down as not every food stall onsite appeared to be running it. This is something we are looking into as all our vendors onsite agreed to run these options.


Q. Did you donate £2 on top of your ticket price this year to our chosen charity?

Results: A lovely amount of you did donate, we could obviously always do more!! But one of the major feedback points was that more of you would have donated if you’d have known where the money was going. The timings for the tickets going on sale and the application process for the chosen charities don’t quite fit for us to be able to provide this information from the outset, but we will ensure we provide more information on our charity partners throughout the year.


Results: The majority of people that filled out our questionnaire didn’t come to the festival with children but from those who did, and other feedback received, we had more families onsite this year which is great news as we aim to make BoomTown appealing to people from every generation! The new family car parking and entrance went down a treat with those who used them. The dedicated campsite was quiet enough and in a good position. Many loved the upgraded KidzTown with its new stage and bumper edition of activities and there was enough entertainment throughout the central city districts.

Some mentioned that you felt a bit uncomfortable seeing children in the DownTown bowl area at night, we do have a rule of no under 16’s in the bowl after 7pm for their own safety but we will look to enforce this even further next year, along with more places to sit and baby changing area and showers for families to use in the city centre area.

As with all developing festivals, we appreciate that more can always be done and will continue to support our wonderful KidzTown crew and their vision for all the mini boomers.

Any other comments…

Programme – a few people mentioned the lack of line up information for Body Shop or ASBO Disco and other larger micro venue stages and were annoyed they weren’t included in the programme, we will do our best to get this rectified for next year so there is a place that has every DJ and act listed with set times and location.


“I was upset about Chas & Dave... Next year more effort should be put into making the stages functional rather than pretty! It's a waste of time them looking good if they don't work... An outdoor festival ought to be reasonably weather proof!

The issue with the Town Centre stage on Sunday was that there were gale force winds ripping across the site and it experienced storm damage with the tail end of Hurricane Bertha in the early hours of Sunday morning. With an arena capacity of 6,000 people and numerous bands, stage managers and crew working within that zone we have to put the safety of everyone in the vicinity above performance scheduling. The whole team worked amazingly to repair the damage caused by this and managed to pick up the running order from 18:00. It is nothing to do with making the stages prettier over functionality, we would never risk safety or usability over aesthetic design but aim to achieve the highest standards in both elements. We do recognise that the lack of information about what was happening on stage was an issue, and even though no-one behind the scenes could know for certain when it would be able to be back up and running, announcements regarding updates of the situation should have gone out far and wide, and for the absence of these we do sincerely apologise and will re-visit our communication plans in order to combat this should a similar incident occur in the future.


One thing that does seem to pop up time and time again is that despite our best efforts to reassure citizens that the fair always has been, and always will be completely independent, there are still a fair few BoomTown faithful that think the city has been overrun by corporate greed monsters, we can 100% confirm that this is not the case and all things BoomTown are as independent as they have always been!!

Some words from our citizens:

“Thank you so much for this year’s festival. Best festival ever and best weekend of my life!”

“I love you all. Thank you all so much for your hard work. You have touched thousands of lives in an unforgettable way. We will keep coming back to boomtown forever.”

“Thank you for such a wonderful experience! Words can't describe how much I'm looking forward to coming back next year!”

Some words from the city committee:

Huge thanks goes out to everyone who took the time to fill out our survey. As with all relatively young events, we are continuously learning and making sure that we listen to those who matter the most, you, the citizens, residents and town planners!! Wherever you spot a flaw we will endeavour to fix this to ensure that together we can all create an event unlike no other that truly represents all the communities within it!

We will continuously strive for this and thank you for being on the journey of discovery with us, as we grow, so do you and all we can say is each year we get more and more excited about where the next chapter will take us!! Bring on Chapter Seven, we’re (almost) ready!!!

Big Love.


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