Drug Awareness Campaign re-launched

As we approach the party season of Christmas and New Year, we felt this as good a time as any to re-launch our Drugs Awareness campaign to highlight just how many drugs there are that can have devastating or fatal effects. 

We saw a significant reduction in Ketamine at this year's fair, although we appreciate that there were a variety of factors which saw this occur but with the constant relabeling of legal highs and perhaps the next new drug of choice just waiting around the corner, it is vital that we build upon the momentum of that campaign.

We aim to put on a totally inclusive event that allows people to escape the stresses of normal life and fully lose themselves in our judgement free, make-believe world, where community and respect are at the heart of what makes BoomTown home for so many of us, you don’t need drugs to be part of this. 

In our opinion the most effective way to tackle the ever increasing dangers of excessive and unknown drug consumption is through pulling together as a community, respecting each other, our surroundings and most importantly, our bodies through factual and impartial education and advice. We received some brilliant feedback and suggestions from people from all walks of life with our Ketamine campaign and would love to hear from you all again and get the conversation going on how you feel we can really make an impact with this. As ever your input is invaluable to the success of this and the festival so please do get in touch with us via abetterworld@boomtownfair.co.uk with any idea that springs to mind!!

Over the coming weeks we will also be updating the website with more facts and information on a wider range of drugs including legal highs, alcohol and nitrous. The Ketamine factsheet from earlier this year is still available here: www.boomtownfair.co.uk/tourist-info/boomtown-projects/drugs-1/ketamine



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