Artist Insights: Derrick Carter (Vamos, Barrio Loco)

With so many stages to find and artists to discover, we thought it might be helpful to pull out a few of the acts over a series of artist insight news posts, explaining a bit more about why we’ve invited them to the Fair and what sounds they’re going to bring to the city! Kicking things off is one of the headliners for Vamos, Barrio Loco's all-new house and techno venue; DERRICK CARTER.

We couldn’t be happier that this true master of house music is christening this new stage! Derrick Carter is a name totally synonymous with the Chicago sound; a DJ whose crowd-rocking abilities are famed worldwide and whose sets are as likely to stray into joyous disco and funk territory as they are the uplifting, 'bompty' style of house that's become his signature. A prolific producer since the late ‘80s, with a back catalogue as extensive and diverse as they come, picking highlights from it is a tricky task, but here goes! Five of our favourite Derrick Carter cuts to sink your ears into: 


Conception - Love Me Right (Dubbed Right) (SRO Records, 1988)

Moonlighting under the Conception alias, Carter’s debut release delivers a choppy ‘dubbed’ take on Kim Sims’ original vocal. Forged straight from the Chicago house blueprint, this is pumping, tops-off business!


Cajmere feat. Derrick Carter – Dream States (Cajual, 1992)

Teaming up with fellow second-wave Chicago visionary Green Velvet, aka Cajmere, the two producers crafted a truly trippy experience on ‘Dream States’, with Velvet’s vocal monologue weaving in and out of a hypnotic groove. Timeless house music.


Derrick Carter aka The Innocent – ‘No Music’ (Doghouse Recordings, 1995)

A man of many monikers (DJ Bang, Oneiro, Persnickety Presents, Sound Patrol, The Goodguys, The Unknown, Tone Theory, to name a few) Derrick’s output as The Innocent was slap bang in the jacking zone. Tough drums, alien tweaks, a killer acid line and disco-funk guitar licks make up this 12-minute odyssey.

Derrick L Carter – Do You Believe (Classic Recordings, 2000)

Derrick at his funk-fuelled best. Sexy guitars riffs, sax noodling, female vocals and bumping drums make this irresistibly danceable - a track that perfectly distils Carter’s ability to make bums shake.


Derrick Carter – Where U At? (Classic Recordings, 2002)

Much of Carter’s legacy lies within The Classic Music Company, the label he founded alongside Luke Solomon and Chez Damier that was limited to 100 releases. This 2002 Classic occupies the steelier end of the Carter spectrum; a techno-leaning workout that provides a vehicle for Derrick’s rousing existential speech.

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