Chapter 10 - 9-12th August 2018

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Boomtown 2017

Chapter 9 After-Film

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Welcome to Boomtown, a city of wonderment, theatre, escapism and community with breathtaking and intricate stages and streets just waiting to be discovered. Below you’ll find an introduction to each of the city’s eleven districts sprawling across four areas: Hilltop, Downtown, Temple Valley and Whistlers Green. Each district is filled with fully immersive venues and beatnik characters. As you explore all the city has to offer, remember to think about where you will make your home.

Town Centre

Legends - Party Bands - International Heroes

The pulsing heart of the city, the Town Centre hosts a melting pot of live bands from around the globe: an audio tour of musical legends, full throttle party bands and folk, ska, punk, balkan, hip-hop and 2-tone. No-one can help but be immersed in the Town Centre’s sizzling atmosphere, to dance the day and night away.


Reggae - Dancehall - Jungle

Trenchtown is the ultimate celebration of reggae and soundsystem culture. It sits at the very heart of our city's musical roots and for Chapter 9 we've got the largest ever amount of Jamaican artists joining us; from the founding fathers to current reggae revivalists...

Experience the Lion’s Den; a gigantic temple of reggae it is a sensory feast with cascading waterfalls, flaming towers and a ground shaking sound system in a spectacular natural amphitheatre.


Gypsy Fusion - Balkan Beats - Pirate Music

A maze of meandering streets harbouring a myriad of mysteries...Envelope yourself in a global knees up of good-time gypsy folk and Balkan beats at the Oldtown Port; street theatre and circus in Buskers Wharf, and a whole new dimension of immersive experiences from the Invisible Circus!

An endless amounts of street venues masquerading as taverns, shops, rum houses and port buildings populate this district's gnarly streets, where many a malevolent pirate roams... So beware! A stream of swashbuckling gypsy music from across the seven seas awaits any salty sea-dog willing to dance a jig or risk a wager.

Wild West

Folk - World – Americana

Step back in time, kick the dust from your spurs and swing open the saloon doors as you stomp your feet to some banjo bashing jigs and blistering bassline beats. This is the Wild West!

Inside the ultimate interactive Western, discover the best in new folk, blue grass and hillbilly acts in the many venues, saloons and doorways. Internationally renowned folk and world acts are hosted in pride of place on the Old Mines, but beware, these streets are ruled by the corrupt Sheriff and his cronies who love a spontaneous shootout showdown or hoedown to keep everyone on their toes!


Vintage Remix - Swing - Soul

Decadence, diamantes and Dom Perignon, be sure to invest some time in Mayfair's Capitalist wonderland... A hot bed of stocks and shares, where money and consumerism are the only languages worth talking, welcome to the home of 1%-ers dhaaarling.

Discover a whole new world of materialistic luxuries with Vintage Remix, Funk & Soul and Soca populating the line-ups for The Ballroom, Bandstand, Park Hotel and Electrikal Sound System's Sunday street party before transcending to dizzying heights at The Sky Bar to mingle with sordid bankers and reap the benefits of knowing all the right people in the right places...

Whistlers Green

Folk - Funk & Soul - Reggae

Discover the upgraded Windmill stage and all the incredible jazz, reggae roots and world fusion musicians to be found, as well as the intimate sessions in the Floating lotus! The mind, soul and conscience of the festival, Whistlers Green provides a huge variety for everyone. Home to the city's most sought after living quarters, it's brand new spacious camping meadows allow residents to simply roll out of their tent and wake up to morning sun reggae aerobics and stunning views over Downtown!

A joy for any age and party persuasion, workshops, activities, saunas, hot tubs, holistic healing fields, mindful spaces and hidden gems can be found in Floating Lotus and Lizard Lounge, as well as thought provoking talks and discussions in the Speakers’ Corner. Overlooking the festival, sunset opportunities are some of the best in the world, a visit here is an absolute must for all.


Ska - Funk & Soul - Reggae

HQ for all mini-boomers where it’s all about some serious playtime action and Kidztown has it all! From treetop adventures in the Forest School to interactive play and face painting in the shops and venues of the fully interactive street. Kidztown takes all the family friendly elements of the rest of the festival and bundles it up into a bite-size portion with a serene and soulful soundtrack provided by their very own Sandcastle Stage, hosting family friendly shows as well as artists big and small from main acts to bands specifically for the littler ears. See here for full line up and follow the Kidztown Facebook Page for updates!

Forest Parties

Psy-Trance - Acid Techno - Roots Reggae

Scattered throughout the city in the many wooded hideaways are seven totally unique forest parties. From psy-trance gatherings deep in the forest to the beachy vibes of the Hidden Woods; there’s an amazing amount of woodland to explore in this incredible Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty we are loaned to make our city. Make sure to pay homage to nature and celebrate in one of many sun-dappled hideaways.

Sector 6

Bass Music - Garage - Drum & Bass

Since the disappearance of the Masked Man, the huge nuclear facility of Sector 6 has been in a state operational shutdown with no sign of life... However, there have been recent reported sightings of (alleged) Bang Hai Industry officials scoping out the toxic turbines and sealing off 'damaged' areas for 'public safety'.

Outside the district boundary it's a completely different story, with huge campsites overlooking this derelict complex, allowing those who choose to live in the area to take in this breath taking spectacle while keeping a safe distance...

Awesome in the truest sense of the word, this ‘Nuclear Facility’ has left jaws on the ground and disbelief thoroughly suspended by its debut outing as the Revolutionaries HQ in Chapter 8. Be prepared for even more to come in Chapter 9 with a Thursday debut from Elektrical Soundsystem to kick off proceedings!


Drum & Bass - Hardcore - Bass Music

In the corner of Downtown lies DSTRKT 5, where a history of alternative DJ culture awaits the intrepid explorer. Pioneers from the early 90s right through to present day trailblazers, this dystopian futuristic zone is primed and ready for a time- travelling journey into the depths of the unknown!

Ruled with a cyborg fist by the Mob Boss, Muuti, the steamy underworld of DSTRKT 5 is a no-go zone for authorities. Delve deep into the underworld for a journey through drum & bass, house, jungle and heavy bass in the abundance of mind-bending venues and shady sideshows.

Barrio Loco

House - Techno - Hip-hop

A feast for the senses, Barrio Loco explodes into a vibrating hive of creativity and skills with a whole spectrum of sounds thriving throughout the city’s most festive community. Playing host to a veritable smorgasbord of random street parties, aerial circus and bass booming dance venues, a diverse mash up of grime, house, hip-hop, bashment and more!

Here is the place to cast off inhibitions and dance like everyone’s watching...


Ska - Ska Punk - Punk

Explore the city's entire ska and punk line up which can mostly be found entertaining the streets and venues of Chinatown:

Glowing adverts and billboards battle for attention in the saturated, technicolour streets of Chinatown. In its hidden depths, where a million dreams and illusions are waiting, is an unexplored digital wonderland... A hi tech hub of commerce where cultures clash and technologies collide, a mosaic of the senses bathed in new colours to bedazzle and entrance the bustling crowds.