Where We're At

Where We're At

We've already taken some valuable steps towards becoming a circular festival and have some pivotal results to show for it...

Thanks to our amazing Boomtown community, including; citizens, artists, crew and contractors we have made a real positive and significant change towards improving our impact on the environment.

We achieved a 17% drop in our carbon footprint from reducing emissions produced via our energy consumption, waste disposal, water supply and treatment.
Chapter 11 saw a huge surge in the number of citizens who took responsibility and took their tents & equipment home
We saw a 50% reduction in tents and equipment left behind across our main campsites
We welcomed the first-ever Zero Waste Camp in Boomtown’s history where we saw a huge 90% reduction in tents left compared to 2018
43% of waste was recycled and reused 
10% of waste reduction per person
Eliminated the sale of plastic bottles preventing 225,000 plastic bottles from being sold
Reduction of 3.9 tonnes of plastic waste compared to 2018
We reduced fuel usage for power generation by 21%
Planted 71,725 trees with Tree Sisters
This year we balanced the CO2 from 537,805 travel miles, from public and artist car travel to Boomtown, (equivalent to 156,340 CO2e) with ecolibrium. 100% of donations are going to install solar panels on UK schools to provide them with affordable clean renewable energy. We’ve been balancing emissions from car travel miles since 2015 and have collectively balanced emissions from over 13 MILLION TRAVEL MILES!!
Boomtown HQ is 100% run on renewable energy with Ecotricity.
Through the festival narrative and initiatives, 68% of attendees said they’d now be more inclined to join an environmental protest in real life.

Please read our Sustainability Policy here for more information about how we're taking action. 

Our roadmap for circularity will be released post 2022 festival. Stay tuned for more details on the initiatives that will be taking place in Boomtown Chapter One: The Gathering.