Green Mission

Green Mission

We are committed to becoming a Circular Festival and Net Zero Scope 1 & 2 GHG emissions by 2025. 

What does this mean? Well, we are working towards transforming Boomtown into a sustainable city that is run entirely on renewable energy, a circular economy city where organisers and citizens reject a throwaway society, where we leave minimal impact on the local environment, a city where the food we eat is good for the people and the planet and everyone is inspired to take immediate positive action.

We’re aware of our environmental impact and understand that festivals can be carbon and waste intensive, but they can also provide the best testing ground for collaboration, creativity and innovation, with many exciting opportunities to reduce our impact. 

Therefore, in 2019, we signed the green deal circular festival (GDCF) pledge to become a circular festival by 2025, alongside many other festivals to work together with and get support from the circular festival community.

These outline what measures we are taking to reduce our environmental impact.

  • Environmental Management Plan:​ To keep track of our progress, and compliance with our Sustainability Policy and learn about where to focus attention, we are developing a five-year Environmental Management Plan.
  • Environmental Programme:​ We will implement initiatives in the following areas; ​waste and resources, carbon and energy, water stewardship, food, social sustainability.
  • Working with Festival Industry experts: ​ ​We participate in A Greener Festival Award who externally assess our commitment towards sustainability and we received the ‘commended’ award (2/4 stars) in 2020, which signifies ​a well-managed, environmentally aware festival. We also engage with other industry experts to understand best practice to inform our environmental plans.
  • Joined Festival Industry movements such as the ‘Green Deal Circular Festivals’ to create a more sustainable future through collaborations with international festivals as well as being signed up to the Festival Vision: 2025 pledge with a view to meet the UK national target of 50% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2025, in line with global climate change commitments.