Since we last danced together in the rolling fields of Hampshire in August 2019, whether we feel it, know it or want it to be; life is different now. As a festival, we have had a rare chance to properly pause and reflect for the first time in over a decade, and an opportunity to clearly see how we can evolve.

We’ve embraced this time with open arms and set about ripping up our own rulebook; we’ve kept the best bits, dug deep into what our ethos means to us and reset the rest… 

What is Boomtown’s Ethos?

Boomtown has grown at such an incredible speed, driven by the sheer love and passion of thousands, it has become many wonderful things to many different people. However, because of this rapid growth and immense scale we have not always been able to truly embed our ethos into the culture of the event.

Resetting from the foundations allows us the chance to really get things right; to be the forward-thinking, progressive, and inspirational festival community we know we can be. By starting a brand new story with Chapter One: The Gathering, this allows us even more scope to start afresh, with our ethos, creativity and ambition all aligning into one combined vision.


A living theatre that ignites imagination and inspires the emergence of a better world through respect, connection, creativity and celebration. 


Respect Yourself: In a world that can make us doubt our own worth, we want to provide a space for self-empowerment and freedom of expression.

Respect Each Other: In a world that is deeply scarred by the open wounds of racism and prejudice, we want people of all backgrounds, beliefs, ages, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities and races to know that you belong and are safe in our city.

Respect the Planet: In a world that is burning, we call on our collective humanity to come together to find solutions and care for nature, as she cares for us.

Creativity: In a world where conformity is valued over creativity, we want to provide a platform that nurtures artistic freedom and pushes the boundaries of creative expression. 

Connection: In a world where digital connection so often replaces physical connection, we cherish the depth of togetherness that comes from the gatherings of humans. 

Celebration: In a world that can so often feel overloaded with negativity, we want to celebrate the very best this beautiful planet and all humanity can achieve, in one almighty party where everyone’s welcome!

Discover how we are planning to embed this ethos into next year’s event and the future of the festival as well as the changes that are in store for Chapter One...

Chapter One: The Gathering