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Media Centre

Press Enquiries

For all journalist enquiries please contact: and we will respond as soon as possible. In the meantime you can find all our press releases as downloads below and a small gallery of beautiful press images here. All our latest videos can be found on the Boomtown YouTube channel.  All if the Chapter 11 line-up posters can be found on our gallery here

Key Dates for the diary:

  • Our tickets for Chapter 11 went on sale on 1st November (with 20,000 selling in one day!)
  • The first acts on new district AREA 404 were released in early December.
  • Main headliners announced on 8th February 2019.
  • All District Line-Ups to be announced every Friday and Tuesday between 15th February - 29th March.

Please get in touch to ensure you are added to our press release mailing list.


CH11 - First Major Headliners Announced

CH11 - Lion's Den, Tangled Roots & Hidden Woods Line-Up

CH11 - Psychedelic Gatherings Line-Up

CH11 - Diss-order Alley

CH11 - Whistlers Green

CH11 - Metropolis Line-up

CH11 - Introducing AREA 404

CH11 - Relic Full Line-Up

CH11 - Barrio Loco Full Line-Up

CH11 - Copper County Full Line-Up

CH11 - AREA 404 Full Line-Up

CH11 - Charity and ticket sales Update - November 2019

CH10 Post Event Release

CH10 Boomtown Harm Reduction Documentary

CH10 Respect Campaign

Press Accreditation

Press accreditation is open for reviewing journalists. If you would like to join us for Chapter 11 to experience the wonderment of Boomtown for yourself, please get in touch via to request an application form.

Please note:

  • Press passes are limited and application does not guarantee a ticket.
  • Maximum of x2 passes per publication.
  • Photography passes are required to access front of stage pits - please request as an add onto a press pass.
  • We ask for two preview feature pieces to run before the end of May and a review to run within 3 weeks of the show.

If you would like any further information, to set up an interview with the people behind Boomtown or discuss a feature idea then please get in touch.  As always, the more creative the better!

Photo Agencies:

If you would like to apply to take photos on behalf of a photo agency, please email

Accreditation Confirmation:

Once we receive your application, which will give you the chance to include any existing links to published pieces, we will be in touch as soon as we can to pick up with you on your application.

Please note: Due to the ongoing nature of applications that we receive throughout the year, please be aware that we do not confirm press tickets until June 2019.  No press tickets will be confirmed until the preview pieces have been published.

Ticket Information:

All ticket info will be issued from mid July onwards.

Boomtown Official and Volunteer Photography & Videography Teams

Our official photography and video teams have been confirmed for Chapter 11 and unfortunately there are no paid or volunteer vacancies available.  

Filming at Boomtown

If you have a ticket to Boomtown and would like to film, record or take photographs on site for a domestic use, then you are very welcome to do so, but we do ask that you follow the terms and conditions in our Media Policy, which you can find here.