We are doing an almighty call-out to everyone who has a skill to share, an idea to nurture, a voice that wants to be heard, a collective that needs a platform, or an individual creative streak that is bursting to be let loose!

No matter what your experience or angle is, we want to hear from you. Come and be part of creating what a truly collaborative future can look like.

See below for a list of the different areas you can get involved with, but, even if it isn’t specifically outlined on this list, just get in touch anyway. Feel free to apply for as many of them as you feel you’d like to, and most importantly please share far and wide! Whilst this is open to all and everyone, please note this isn’t an application for bands or solo DJs... we’ll reach out to you powerhouses in the next few months! 

Sign up for as many of these lists that are applicable via the form below: 

☑ I’m interested in running a street venue or sideshow installation  - this is suitable for creative collectives, event promoters, record labels, sound system crews,  theatre collectives and anyone with an idea for a space you’d like to see at the festival.!

☑ I’m interested in performance. - this is for actors, walkabouts, circus performers, comedians, characters, street buskers, magicians and anyone else who wants to help bring our world to life! (Not for Bands and DJ’s) 

☑I am a dream builder and I want to help build the city: This is for you if you have an interest or experience in sculpture,  welding, scenic painting, design, set dressing, painting, carpenterary, prop making. 

☑ I want to create or bring an art installation - if you have ideas, concepts and dreams of any possible imagination that could be built or already have been built and can be installed into the city or woodland areas safely.

☑ I want to share ideas and nurture thoughts: - if you’re interested in making change, campaigning, activism, environmental causes, spiritualism, community leadership, critical thinking, storytelling, spoken word, fortune tellers, creative teaching, or you simply see the world through a different lens and want to bring your voice to the festival, this is the one for you!

☑ I am a trader - this is for you if you want to trade your wares, be it food or ethically made clothing, sign up here and we’ll notify you when applications open.

Apply here!

**We'll be sending you details on how to apply as soon as you sign up so make sure you check your junk / promotions folder if you can't see anything from us!**