Chapter One: The Gathering

The Hive Virus had spread its tentacles out from Area 404 as the city went into lockdown under the Advanced Machine Intelligence (AMI) imposed State of Emergency. Citizens became prisoners in their homes as the AI searched for the missing identity in the data set, never imagining what it would find...

The city teetered on the brink of social and environmental collapse, the years of Bang Hai Industries exploitation had taken its toll. The Hive Virus was designed to remedy this by controlling the population and the resources they consumed, but it’s effects were unknown. 

When the AMI discovered the missing data set was her real life nemesis, the estranged daughter of the BHI CEO himself, upon whom AMI was modeled, the system went into meltdown. Confronting her real self she discovered new potentials to the human condition, that they were creatures capable of great compassion and evolution, not only compelled by greed and desire. 

No-one knows exactly what happened next, nor when or how. It was a time of darkness and confusion, the population lived as prisoners in their homes, separated and isolated as the virus spread across the city. A collective amnesia took hold, fear became the new master, as the city descended into shadows and an entire chapter in the history of Boomtown was lost. 

And so it was, that the world was changed forever. The State of Emergency became a State of Emergence; as from the ashes of the old, a new world was waiting to be born, a new story waiting to be told, or perhaps, written. 

The people came out from their houses at last to reimagine the deserted streets, to gaze in wonder at the hills and forests, under the endless blue skies, waking as if from a dream, or dystopian nightmare to find meaning in this world again. It was a time of reflection, acceptance and reconnection, a time of celebration, a time to come together, a time of gathering.