The Story

Boomtown at its heart is a living theatre with a long history and an ongoing narrative, hundreds of characters roaming the streets and guiding the citizens through the labyrinth of adventures waiting to be discovered.  Each chapter delves even further into the mythology of Boomtown, with endless stories for you to be part of and make your very own. 

For 2022, we are starting with a clean slate and our world of new wonders to discover in Chapter One: The Gathering.

The premise is simple, we are a Gathering… Gatherings are a deep part of human connection and celebration and have been so for millennia, but in these current real-world times, they were also one of the first things to be outlawed. When we come together this will be The Gathering we’ve all been needing for so long…

The depths of our story in this reset year are as yet unknown, but we will be building our version of a post-pandemic world and exploring what that can mean for our collective ‘new normal’.

As ever, all are invited to fully participate by creating their own character and discovering their part to play in this ever-evolving story.

A message from the story team:

No-one could have anticipated how this year was about to unfold. We have always prided ourselves on trying to hold a mirror up to real-world events as part of the theatrical story of Boomtown, to highlight issues such as the climate crisis and create greater awareness on a personal level via the experience for our community. 

Our last action was to announce a State of Emergency, never imagining what was about to happen globally as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold and changed the nature of our relationship to each other, society and our home, planet Earth. There are many sides to what we have all experienced since, and the journey seems still far from over.

Historically pandemics such as this have been times of great social change, due in great part to the common suffering they create for all. Scientifically they are also connected to the environment and resource exploitation, of which we as a species are in the midst of a crisis. 

For thousands of years, we have gathered to celebrate and share as a community, in recent times consumerism has guided us into a more individualistic way of life. Despite all the negatives and losses of this time, people have also connected and collaborated as never before, to support and protect each other, strangers and friends alike. 

In this spirit, we enter a new era, a new world, a time of change and new beginnings. Everyone can imagine the end of the world, it’s fed to us every day by the media and entertainment industries. Now it’s time to imagine a new beginning for the world, to think and act individually but as part of a collective, a community, to write and imagine a new story for the world, in which we all have a part to play.