The Music & Lineup

The Music & Lineup

The Boomtown line-up represents music from across the globe and throughout the underground. We have a long history of celebrating the best in reggae, roots, folk and world music as well as being home for ska, metal and punk. We represent all underground sides of the electronic spectrum from house, disco and techno to drum n bass, jungle, hip-hop and heavier styles of gabba, hardcore and psytrance! 

We’ll never be an arena festival with one main stage to sit in front of all day… our city is an exploration into musical culture with an abundance of dancefloors to discover. You'll find everything from acoustic artists on the streets, huge sound system parties hidden in the forests, sweaty dancefloors in the street venues, sunny outdoor stages for the best party bands as well as some of the biggest and most spectacular dance and live music stages in the world! 

2022 Music Lineup release decision:

We know this may come as a surprise to some of you but we have made the bold decision to keep most of the line up a secret until just before the festival... We have spent months debating whether this was the right thing to do and what is clear is that there are many aspects to the way the music industry is run that simply don’t work for independent festivals. The complex process of releasing a music line-up with exclusivity deals, billing and escalating costs have led us to decide that this is the time to rethink the way we approach it and explore new ways of doing things. 

We have always been a creatively led festival and people attend Boomtown because of the overall experience, we will continue to book incredible headline artists, and all the festival favourites, but by approaching our programming announcements in this radical way, we can create lineups that are even more phenomenal and diverse than we have ever been able to before.

A message from our music programmers:

Music has long been a force to bring people together at festivals, as an immersive festival we look for artists who know how to bring you into their world and make you an integral part of the experience, you don’t just watch the acts at Boomtown, you’re part of them. We all need music to lose ourselves and to find ourselves, to share a special moment with friends and strangers alike.  We know how important these moments are and we also take great pleasure in sharing the music we love with everyone.  

These last few months have given us a chance to reflect on what is truly important and what is often lost within the commercialisation of our culture, it’s not about what names you know, it’s about the right artists for the right spaces at the right times, artists that truly care about their art.  We’ve never lost our roots in the underground and we’ve come to realise that to nurture that honesty and true dedication to both their creativity and to each other is more important than ever, not just as a festival but as a society, or else it’s something that we could be in danger of losing forever.  

This could be the carnivalesque bands that bring out our playful side or those DJs who know how to lift you up by burying the basslines deep in your soul.  It could be the legends who laid down the musical foundations we have built this city on, or the rebels and the rule breakers who continue to rage against the machine, pushing boundaries, creating new sounds and identities with a middle finger in the air to any oppressive industry that prizes profit over people and control over creativity.

We are pro passion, pro respect and pro love and we look for bands and DJs who share these values and give everything to their performance because they don't know any other way.  We never want to be a festival who books acts just to sell tickets, we want artists that change lives and we never intend to book a band or DJ we don’t believe in.  We also love to listen to you guys and what really moves you, so never be afraid to give us your requests or recommendations. 

Now is the opportunity for change - your support and trust allows the magic of Boomtown to flourish - experienced by thousands already and for those yet to take their first steps into our world - we look forward to us Gathering together again.

Big love,

Kaptin & James

Boomtown Head Music Programmers