The City

The City

What is the 'Boomtown World'?

In a nutshell, there are three main sections to the Boomtown World; The Main City (now all located in what was previously Downtown Boomtown), The Forests and Woodland areas (surrounding The Main City), and the campsites and their central Campsite Villages. 

Please note, spoilers ahead...

A guided tour of our brand new world with Boomtown’s Creative Director:

The Main City

Our journey of imagination starts with the most central point of the Boomtown world. Right bang in the middle of the Main City is Grand Central Plaza, a huge inviting communal meeting point and place of connection; this mighty beaming tower gives bearings to the city for all and acts as a crossroads into the spiderweb of districts. Surrounding Grand Central Plaza are six completely themed district areas. We won’t disclose details of these, purely to keep the magic, but rest assured that with an extra six months to dream they are more intricate than ever…..

Each district will have a brand new main stage representing a specific collection of music styles. Its streets will be bursting with small venues, sideshows and infinite detail. These mini worlds will be brought to life with more actors and performers than have ever been gathered in our history. There will be grand openings and spectacular closing ceremonies. New roaming rave vehicles will circulate the city for everyone to jump on and off, there will be endless secret party rooms, pop-up sound systems on every street corner and buskers down every alley. 

Normally part taken up with camping and big backstage areas, for the first time ever this sunken city, engulfed by the magical energy of hundreds of beautiful coloured trees, will cover every single inch of the Downtown valley.           

The Forests and Woodland areas   

Over the past decade, our ever-developing sandy forest and woodland parties have grown into a major part of most peoples’ weekend experience. Nestled deep in the woods on the outskirts of the city these places act as great escapes from the madness, with styles from Psychedelic music right through to the deepest low-end dub jungle vibes on massive sound systems driving the bass right through your bones. 

Campsites and their Villages

A key part of the overall festival ethos and what has actually been many years in planning is our exciting new vision around the living experience at the festival. In past years the campsites have been quite scattered and ’bitty’ and their design almost an afterthought to the main city. This has meant facilities often weren’t that effective, people ended up on steep hills and we struggled to build that great sense of community.

With the shift in layout, there are now three large main campsites, with the addition of the accessibility Meadow Camping, Family, Skylark, Orchid and the standard and family Campervan fields. These three main campsites are located on the West, East and North of the city and have been specifically chosen because they are the flattest camping spaces in the festival site whilst also being close to the action of the main city!

In the very centre of each campsite is its Campsite Village, with a large central tower similar to the Central Plaza tower in the main city. These villages are absolutely vital to the future vision of Boomtown and with large spaces to rest, they are the very opposite to the chaos of the main city. Full of healing and yoga spaces, talks, workshops, chilled music and providing the space to meet others and connect; the aim of these villages is to help bring us together as a community and allow us to collectively understand and learn from each other.

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