Boomtown Experience

A world of unity, creativity and freedom awaits you at Boomtown Fair. Experience five days (and nights) of immersive art, global superstars and underground music, with groundbreaking theatre and performance. All in one magical, make-believe city, set within the Matterley Estate in a small part of the beautiful South Downs National Park.

Enter our reality and experience spectacular sights. This is a festival like no other. With a storyline, layout and set design that evolves each year, and hundreds of actors bringing the streets to life, Boomtown Fair is the ultimate place to lose - and find - your real self. Become a citizen and let our story unfold around you.

Let go of inhibitions. Be part of the Story. Live Creatively.

Boomtown Fair 2020 - New Beginnings

August 2020 marks Chapter 12 of Boomtown Fair, and our most ambitious instalment to date. Watch the video below to get a tiny glimpse of the experiences that await.

Who will you be at Boomtown?

Let go of inhibitions. Be part of the Story. Live Creatively.

Will you run away with the bohemian circus of Oldtown?

Express yourself in the bright lights of Paradise Heights?

Or step into the dystopian future of DSTRKT5? The choice is yours.

Our city is a world within a world, with legends breathing history into the city’s streets.

As a citizen, you’re invited to join in and write the next chapter, wherever it may take us...

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