Chapter Three
Revolution of Imagination

Dream big and don’t hold back. The future is imagined first.

Boomtown is a music festival, but not as you know it.

A parallel world where unique city districts come alive. With 12 main stages, over 50 hidden venues, thousands of performers, and one secret lineup.

Discover the stories unfolding all over the city, and uncover the collective wisdom teaching us all how to transform our world.

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May 9, 2024

Guided Imagination: Respect the Planet

The future is imagined first. 🌍

We all have the energy and power to be a force for good in the world

Use your imagination to picture the earth itself becoming brighter and healthier.

At times we can feel hopeless so revisit this video anytime you want to feel empowered by the future.



Boomtown always celebrates the infinite variety of music from around the globe. With soundsystem culture the beating heart of the town there will also be the freshest new post-punk bands, dons of the reggae world, disco divas, and afrobeat royalty.

From jungle to techno, house to hardcore, dub to dnb and many more, whatever your taste we’ll have it covered in our secret lineup; to be revealed just before the show!

May 5, 2024

Guided Imagination: Respect Eachother

Your kindness is powerful.

We have the capacity to lead by example, and show respect for each other.

Our actions and energy have a ripple effect on others, let yourself lead with compassion and kindness. Come back to this video to practise this technique.

Watch our full Guided Imagination collection here.

June 3, 2024

Boomtown Submits Scoping Report for Environmental Impact Assessment

We’re gearing up for an epic Boomtown this August! Behind the scenes, we're working hard to make this the best one yet.

But did you know we need special permission to host Boomtown at the beautiful Matterley Estate? We’ve just submitted our ‘Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Report’ to the South Downs National Park Authority. This is a big step in our planning process to increase our festival capacity to 75,999 attendees, plus an extra 1,000 on Sunday.

The report outlines our vision, potential environmental impacts, and our commitment to sustainability. Most importantly your input will help shape Boomtown’s future!

You can view Boomtown’s validated Scoping Opinion Report here: SDNP/24/02263/SCOPE. Please note this link has just gone live and it may take a a few days for the documents to be showing on the system.

Check out our website for all the details.

Don't just take our word for it...

BBC Radio 1
Best Dance Festival UK & Europe 2023
Drum & Bass Awards
Best Festival & Best Event 2023
Boomtown Citizen
I had lost my faith in humanity finishing university and since leaving the festival I feel like I have been given a second wind, a new outlook on life. Boomtown saved my life, I literally cried at the opening ceremony realising how far I had come.
Major Events International
Best Non-Sport Event
DNB Arena Awards
Best Festival 2022 & 2023
UK Festival Awards
Best Festival Production 2023 & 2024
Boomtown Citizen
I feel that the community at Boomtown is unlike anything you’d find at any other festival. Everyone is so lovely and it feels like such a safe, happy place to be.
Best Festival 2023
April 25, 2024

Guided Imaginations: Celebration

It is so important to celebrate life and what brings us joy! 🌞

Savour your everyday moments and experience that feeling of appreciation. Whether for a loving family member or friend, a beautiful sunny day, or the taste of your favourite food.

Carry this feeling into your day and come back to this video to remind yourself of this all the reasons to be loving life.