The Roustabouts Collective

Copper County

The Roustabouts Collective perform a theatrical mixture of gypsy folk, punk, ska and swing influenced original songs and arrangements. Expect rich harmonies, fast paced strumming, groovy bass lines, banging beats, virtuosic fiddle work, knees-up squeezebox merriment, a bombastic trombone, hair raising electric solos and a big slice of circus to top it all off.

Over the last couple of years, they have performed at a number of events and festivals over the UK including Boomtown Fair, Wonder Fields, Great Estate, Bestival, Henry's Little Big Gig, Holifair Family Festival, Just So Festival, Grinagog, Balter, Boardmasters, 3 Wishes Faery Festival and the Masked Ball.

"The Roustabouts Collective inspire in the audience the full Carny, Circus jump experience that has driven festivals for a 1000 years." - DJ Chris Tofu, Continental Drifts