Diss-order Alley

South London three piece Inner Terrestrials have an eclectic and original sound where punk meets dub, ska, funky reggae, folk, mad fusions and occasional psychedelia with the purpose of delivering high octane anarchic danceability.

Since the early days, when Jay had to be kidnapped off of site to push broken down vans around Europe, they have gigged all over the world from Berlin to Tokyo, Reunion Island to Istanbul and beyond.

Familiar faces out in the fields as well as the punk and alternative scene, you’ll see them playing everywhere from a cider shed to headlining stages at festivals like Fusion or Boomtown.

This is a homegrown sound drawn from the urban punk and reggae of their upbringings, with deep roots in the free festivals and the squatting movement, combining conscious lyrics with a full on mission to get you moving​!