A co-founder of the legendary UK soundsystem, KAOTIK. Vandal has toured the UK and Europe playing his unique style of Jungle/Reggae infused Hardtek and Hardkore for nearly 10 years.

Having started musically from a young age playing guitar, Vandal found electronic music at the age of 17, and brought his first Technics shortly after.

With the goal to create a blend of pumping dance floor orientated tracks, that draw influence from many all of the musical styles and genres he had been inspired by.

After learning the craft of sound production and drawing inspiration from his first experiences at the Teknivals of Europe, Vandal created a sound merging the musical sound of Jamaican Reggae riddims and Jungle vocals, with the hard hitting sound of Hardkore kick drums… The outcome is Raggatek!

Currently spreading rapidly around europe and the globe, as the "new wave" of rave music that appeals to people from many musical genres...

Catch him B2B with Floxytek.