Local Community

Local Community

Local Community

For those who live close to the festival site we have a number of ways for you to get involved and engage with the festival year round; if you've any band suggestions, creative ideas that just need to be heard, or simply want to get in touch and chat to us, then we have a year round dedicated Community Liaison Officer, Katie Derwent. 

Based in Cheriton, Katie is in the heart of the local community and can be contacted via local_community@boomtownfair.co.uk throughout the year.

Local tickets:

We have a dedication allocation of discounted local resident tickets available for those who live within 5 miles of the festival. To apply for these please email local_community@boomtownfair.co.uk  to be sent the link. 

In addition to the full 5 day discounted festival tickets, we have 1,000 complementary and an allocation of paid for Sunday tickets. Please email local_community@boomtownfair.co.uk  to request an application form.

Keeping in touch throughout the year - Meetings and newsletters:

We usually hold 3 to 4 public meetings in the local community each year. Giving those who live nearby the chance to meet some of the organisers, provide us with their feedback, and discuss ways for more of the local community to get involved.

Please sign up to our local mailing list to be kept up-to-date with the dates for upcoming meetings (whether in person or online!). Please email local_community@boomtownfair.co.uk to sign up.