Charity and activism are pivotal elements to much of what we do at Boomtown. We are highly motivated in these areas and believe that by working together, we can achieve big things.  As a team, at Boomtown we will always use our position as one of the UKs largest independent music festivals, to promote and encourage positive change in many areas, but with particular focus on respect - respect for people and the planet.. After all, without it, what do we have? And who are we?

We have ongoing partnerships with some amazing charities that are aligned in harmony with our ethos, and do amazing work in their unique spaces from TreeSisters to local partners like Trinity Winchester. Raising awareness through our valued charity partnerships is key to how we collaboratively work towards a better world. Each year we raise in the region of £150k across all our beneficiaries.

Please take a peek through our charity partner pages to understand more about their amazing work and how they are working with Boomtown this year. We will keep these pages updated throughout the year with exciting news and updates on their campaigns so please keep checking back here.