Floating Lotus

Floating Lotus

Whistlers Green

Floating Lotus represents the up and coming talent across soul, folk, acoustic and electronic. Transporting all who stumble upon it, into an enclosure of grassroots beginnings, where the spotlight shines on those on the brink of stardom...

Floating Lotus Artists

  1. Babar Luck

  2. Ben Russell and the Charmers


  4. Caoilfhionn Rose

  5. Christoper Rees

  6. Gathering Tides

  7. Hedge Gods

  8. Inanna Meets The Dawn

  9. Karyo Band

  10. Keston Cobblers Club

  11. Mamilah

  12. Mischa & His Merry Men

  13. Ned Dylan

  14. River Roots

  15. Ruby Confue

  16. Sounds of Harlowe

  17. Tetchi

  18. The Gravity Drive

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