Ancient Futures (New for 2019)

Whistlers Green

Boomtown 2019 welcomes a new kind of venue, Ancient Futures, nestled in the heart of Whistlers Green.

Ancient Futures connects the wisdom of the past with the critical importance of building new and sustainable futures, bridging consciousness with connection, science with mystery, offering you a space to tune in, turn on and drop IN!

Think of Ancient Futures as the deep exhale alongside the wild roar of the festival. Come and explore inspiring conversations, artists & workshops as we share a common aim to become World Bridgers, marrying the past with the future. According to Tribal Wisdom, we see this as harnessing the knowledge of seven generations gone, to create meaning for the seven to come. Let’s tread lightly on this earth as we learn to “Walk In Beauty.”

Join us as we gather as One Tribe and inspire each other to become conscious caretakers of our beautiful planet.

Ancient Futures (New for 2019) Artists

  1. Amanda Rayment

  2. Anthony Abbagnano

  3. Ben Sessa

  4. Christian Platts

  5. Corrine Williams & Nic Crolls

  6. Dharma Techno

  7. Doctor Goh

  8. Dominique Sakoilsky


  10. Jamie Catto

  11. jane carvell & dan tomlinson

  12. Jojo Mehta

  13. Kay Hoffmann

  14. Mac Macartney

  15. Nicola Bradshaw

  16. Niraj Naik

  17. OM JAI

  18. OSARA

  19. Richie Bostock

  20. Rita Hraiz

  21. Ruby Rose

  22. Sarah Sansom


  24. Steph Magenta

  25. Stewart Gilchrist

  26. Victoria Sinclair

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