So you want to join our Stewarding family?! Now we know you’re excited, but we need you to take a deep breath and read the following information very carefully, because it’s going to save you shed loads of stress and time later…

You need to gather the following information together before you start your application:

  • Photo: You’re going to need a clear, head and shoulders, passport quality, digital photo of yourself.  We will use the image you upload to identify you when you arrive on site, so a photo of you covered in glitter at 3am in the morning asleep on a wheelbarrow just will not do.
  • Referee details: Whilst 99.9999% of you may be super wonderful, we still need to get that confirmed by someone else!  You are going to need to supply us with the name and email address of someone who knows you in a professional capacity, so we can contact them for reference. 
  • Debit or Credit card:  You need this to pay your security deposit when you submit your application.  The deposit amount this year is set at £264. Your deposit will be refunded to you within three weeks of the festival finishing minus a £15.50 application admin fee, if you’ve successfully completed and signed in and out for each of your 3 x 8-hour shifts inline with our Ts & Cs and returned your tabard.

  • Friend names:  If your mates are applying to volunteer with us as well, and you would like to request to work the same shifts as them, you are going to need a list of their names and email addresses. Take some time compiling the list, because the details you submit must exactly match the details that they have submitted for you to be paired as shift partners.  For example, if your mate is called Natasha Brown, but you submit her as Tash Brown, the pairing will fail.

I think we are nearly there, but before you hit the ‘Apply’ link below, you might want to cast your eyes over our volunteering FAQ’s. They cover most of the things that you need to know, and by digesting them now, you are going to save yourself time by not having to email us.  Obviously, if you do have a question that’s not covered in our FAQ’s, then feel free to get in touch via email at

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