The Bandstand

The Bandstand

Town Centre

Any self respecting Town Centre needs a Bandstand and Boomtown's Bandstand hosts some of the city's most exuberant musicians... From Brass Bands to Gypsy Jazz, international grassroots talents fill the streets and prompt spontaneous street parties for all who may be passing by...


The Bandstand Artists

  1. Emily Capell

  2. Fjokra

  3. Gasper Nali

  4. Imperial Leisure

  5. Lady Bird

  6. MAIKA

  7. Malavita!

  8. Mariachi El Pinche Grin Go

  9. Matiu Te Huki


  11. Peanut Shuffle Band

  12. Razzomo

  13. River Roots

  14. Roots Rising

  15. Sean McGowan

  16. The Activators

  17. The Gin Bowlers

  18. The Tribe

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