The Jobcentre

The Jobcentre

Town Centre

Privatisation under the CEO of Banghai Industries is going well; after purging rogue elements of resistance profits are up along with necessary cuts to ensure compulsory costs are covered. Our overworked and underpaid CPU staff are here to provide work for ALL the citizens of Boomtown, as long as they literally jump through the hoops, we provide and our private security firm G4Life armed with new training are here to make sure your visit to The Jobcentre Ltd goes smoothly or else!  Don't worry about that though, just know that there will be the usual Office Christmas Party during Sunday daytime (voted one of the top 10 Christmas Parties at Boomtown last year) and at night we will open the gates to some serious bass heavy sonics. Boomtown Jobcentre Ltd: here for your benefits.

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