Hilltop Village

Hilltop Village

Hilltop village will be a chilled camping village, filled with speakers, healers, acoustic music and a campfire going 24/7 to keep you nice and warm as the evening sets in. The camp will be the biggest of our three camps and will be situated on the east side of the site. 

The relaxed and quiet nature of this campsite is perfect for families looking for some calm outside of the city walls.

Hilltop Village is surrounded by East Camping.

Take a look at the nurturing community forming the Hilltop Village…

Ancient Futures
Ancient Futures will be hosting and inspiring us with workshops and bringing a deeper sense of connection between us all throughout the weekend offering an antidote to the wild festival energy.

Ancient Futures connects the great wisdom of the past with the critical importance of building new, sustainable futures. Bridging consciousness with connection and science with mystery, offering you a space to connect into. Awakening, expanding awareness and opening minds and hearts. You will be able to connect with secrets hidden within nature, hidden within our hearts.

Floating Lotus
Come join us at Floating Lotus and immerse yourself in an eclectic mix of live music in our intimate geodesic venue. Our cafe presents hot drinks and freshly made cakes as well as a table tennis room and the best brandy chai on site.

Radical Solutions Zone & Exhibitions 
Join a series of talks, discussions and workshops that focus on environmental, community and social solutions to help us implement change for a sustainable future. Get active, get involved.

Be inspired and visit the Resistance Exhibition to see images that celebrate over 30+ years of groundbreaking protest and social change movements.