Downtown Village

Downtown Village

Downtown Village is for the daring, the ravers who wish to live deep in the depths of the city. We’ll still have all the facilities you need to rest your legs after a hard day's dancing! 

Downtown Village is surrounded by West Camping. 

But don’t worry, our hosts will still be keeping the music alive under the disco ball throughout the weekend for those of you who want to keep the party going and groove on.

Swing into a jungle full of silliness and great tunes in Mikata's enchanted tipis.

Mikata’s twin giant tipis provide a unique music and talks hub within the Downtown Campsite Village. Wander in and rest your weary legs after a hard day’s dancing (or four) in their cosy chillout side, or spend an evening under the disco ball grooving to the finest disco, house and garage deep cuts, all surrounded by their signature tropical decor. Mikata es su casa.'

Rebel Girls
Rebel Girls Club will be taking us through the weekend providing you all with a space to go and truly embrace your inner self. There are workshops ranging from drum & bass dance off competitions through to nipple-tassel making so there really is something for everyone!.

Rebel Girls Club are more than just a sisterhood of badass babes, they are a radical collective of creativity, connection, collaboration and inclusion.. oh and fun.. lots and lots of hand-crafted, tenderly tailored and tantalising fun.

Their venues will hold workshops and sessions in a nurturing safe space covering all avenues of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional healing, expression and empowerment.

They are against all forms of suppression and repression brought on from patriarchy. They are against toxic masculinity, and are pro joy and individualism.  They are about fun, giving yourself permission to be silly but also be raw and real and radically honest in a safe space.

Magic Teapot
The Magic Teapot is the warmest, cosiest and friendliest festival venue where kettles simmer on the open fire and tea and coffee are served with a smile in real mugs. An enticing space that will draw you in for joyful jams and singalongs around the piano with our amazing musical crew!