Campsite Villages

Campsite Villages

Three is the magic number, with three Villages on the edge of the new cities limits between the hussle of town and our sleepy suburbs of camping meadows. The Village's encompass Boomtown's overarching values of Respect for yourself, Respect for Each Other & Respect for our Planet. 

With each village hosting a diverse range of workshops, live music, healing treatments & interactive activities that engage & stimulate mind, body & heart as Whistlers Green once did but now in three new locations surrounding our rebirthed city. Each Village will have a cafe with food to keep you going throughout the weekend. Featuring a large central fire and seating area to hear stories, connect with friends old & new and hear, drift into and play music until dawn.

Workshops will include everything from Glass Blowing to Circus, Permaculture to Metal Work, Improvising Music to Theatrical Games, Green Woodwork to Stone Carving, Swap Shops to Up-Cycling, Places to be Pampered to Sustainable Living. There's fun & discovery for all. 

The people who brought you Speakers’ Corner will be hosting thought provoking talks, discussions and debates spanning the spectrum of current day political and social issues. We believe it’s a necessity to provoke thought, engage in debate and learn from one another in a safe, welcoming space with the aim to raise social awareness a snippet of discussion at a time...

Full speakers corner line-up coming soon! 

Each Village will have its own identity offering a slightly different vibe. Explore what each Campsite Village has to offer and find your home for the weekend…….