Added Extras

Added Extras


This year all hot, private showers are located in Camp Orchid, which is the only pre-bookable ‘Bring Your Own Tent’ campsite. You will also find a pamper parlour, with luxury showers plus flushing toilets, mirrors, hair straighteners and dryers. 

For full access to this campsite and the facilities within them you will need to purchase a Camp Orchid Wristband for £60.  This can be found on the ticket page, under the Camp Orchid section. 

Camp Skylark also has shower facilities but you must be staying in the Skylark campsite in pre-pitched accommodation to use these facilities.


Luxury flushing toilets are available in the City. If you would like to purchase a weekend wristband to access these luxury loos they are available for £25. If you have a Camp Orchid wristband this includes access to these toilets any time! For more info on Camp Orchid visit our sleeping page here.  


Keep your belongings safe by booking a secure locker!

The lockers come with a USB socket that is suitable for:

  • Smartphones
  • iPads and Tablets

If you're bringing valuables to Boomtown this is the best way of keeping them safe. CCTV cameras monitor the lockers and entry/exit areas 24/7 and you can only enter through the turnstiles using your fingerprint and you then use a key to open your locker.


Choose between hiring a portable charger or drop and return, book online in advance to receive a discount or purchase on site. Charge Candy will have 5 charging stations across the city so you will never be far from a charge point.’

  • Portable charging: You will receive one fully charged portable charger each day, that way you take the power with you and never be without your phone. Please note a £10 deposit is required for the portable charger on top of the charge fee. The deposit is refunded when you return the charger.
  • Drop & Return: Drop your phone off whenever it needs charging and the friendly staff will do it all for you. Take a ticket and come back when it’s fully charged.

Find out more about how Charge Candy works here

Added extras are all available from the ticket page here