Respect Yourself

Respect Yourself

The first arm of our overarching Respect Campaign is all about you!! Festivals tend to be more of a marathon than a sprint, so you really should keep yourself in peak physical condition ;)

Or failing that, just look after yourself in the way you would do in everyday life! Basic stuff like eating, drinking plenty of water and sleeping!

We have provided a lot of facilities, services and infrastructure to help you help yourself! As well as to be there to if something arises, and you find you need extra support from our staff on the ground. Please read below to familiarise yourself with how we can help and the services we offer:

Scroll down to our facilities quick list as well as some tips to help yourself & find heaps more useful info in the Essential Guide.

Harm Reduction

As is the case across the rest of the UK; all illegal drugs including, nos and psychoactive substances are not permitted in Boomtown.

Trying to enter the festival with drugs will result in refusal of entry, eviction or prosecution if you are caught doing so. Security measures, amnesty procedures and searches at the gates have increased to prevent any drugs from entering the festival.

However, even after all the security, policing and awareness measures we have in place, we have to acknowledge that drugs can still get into the festival and may be experimented with, sometimes to dangerous levels. The; ‘drugs are illegal, don’t do them’ policy hasn’t worked in general society, and it is no different for festivals. Watch our harm reduction documentary below.

Here are some simple things you can do to keep you and your friends safe:

  • Educate yourself with our drug policy & advice page.
  • Visit The Loop to find out exactly what you’re putting in your body - this is a free, no judgement service that provides drug testing and advice.
    44% of Loop visitors last year decided to reduce their dose or discard their drugs after testing.
  • Familiarise yourself with the locations of welfare & medical who operate a 24 hour service.
  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed pop into don’t hesitate visit the lovely welfare team - that’s what they’re there for.
  • Remember to eat, drink plenty of water (free water points site wide!) and get some sleep.

Be prepared!

The biggest thing you can do to respect yourself is prepare yourself! 

Make sure you read these, they are nuggets of gold and WILL help you!


  • Be entry ready! Print your ticket and make sure the name on it matches the name on your I.D.
  • Prepare to face the elements. Bring a reusable water bottle to use at one of our many water points and don’t forget plenty of sun cream (but don't forget your raincoat either - this is England after all!)
  • Don’t bring too much stuff. The festival site is very large and hilly, think carefully about what you decide to take and remember you have to bring everything you've brought with you back home again. The more stuff you have the longer the entry search will be and therefore the longer it will take you and your pals to get in!
  • Pack the essentials! Sturdy, comfy shoes are a must as you’ll be walking (and dancing) up and down hills several miles a day - don't let blisters or a twisted ankle ruin your festival. And socks. All of the socks. Check out our packing guide for more tips.
  • Eat, sleep, hydrate, repeat! Boomtown is more of a marathon than a sprint. Pace yourself, know yourself and get acquainted with where our various welfare facilities are.

Familarise yourself with the essential guide before you come and make sure you read our packing list here


Useful facilities quick list!

Here to help you:

  • FREE text number to report anything directly to us so we can act upon it as soon as possible:  07786 207575
  • 24-hour Campsite Hubs
  • x2 24 hour medical facilities (including onsite pharmacy)
  • x2 Welfare centres
  • Roaming welfare teams in the campsites
  • Trained mental health professionals within both the Welfare and Medical teams with a dedicated Mental Health Response Team for anyone in crisis
  • Drug testing and harm reduction advice service (The Loop)
  • 2 x Info Points (Lost and found // Feedback // General Information)
  • Onsite Police station run by Hampshire Constabulary (in Hilltop this year)
  • Stewards and SIA-trained Security Staff to offer support, and request assistance from other teams
  • Access to lockers to keep your valuables safe.

How to help yourself:

  • Please use the facilities!!! We’ve invested a huge amount over the years to make life as enjoyable within the festival as possible - please take advantage of this.
  • Free water points across the festival - remember to bring a reusable water bottle!
  • Over 100 traders and market stalls providing a huge range of delicious food, vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan options all available.  
  • Be aware of how to keep your valuables safe and protect yourself from opportunists.
  • If you feel unwell, unsafe, or unsure about anything please head to medical, welfare, a campsite hub or the nearest Boomtown member of staff - we are here to help and will be able to point you in the right direction of who is best placed to support.
  • If, after reading the drugs awareness page, getting through security at the gates, the sniffer dogs upon entry and the police spotters, you still choose to take drugs at the festival - PLEASE go and visit The Loop first to find out what exactly you’re putting in your body,how it will affect you, and the measures you should take to reduce harm to yourself.
  • Pick a suitable campsite to get the sleep pattern you desire - there is quiet camping in Whistlers Green, Family Camping near Kidztown and pre-pitched options to help make life easier.