Respect Your City

Respect Your City

Over the past five years our community has evolved from 20,000 to 60,000 people and we fully acknowledge the environmental impact this has had, quite simply, this isn’t what we set out to achieve and we’ve taken a long hard look at our goals, objectives and priorities. One of our biggest commitments for all future Boomtowns is to dramatically reduce the impact we have on this beautiful land above everything.

We’re confident, as a long- term goal that we will not only make a big difference to our event but hopefully, start to inspire everyone in attendance, working, playing or otherwise, to take what they learn with them back into their daily lives!

What We're Doing

For the first time, we are participating in A Greener Festival Award this year who will be externally assessing our commitment towards environmental sustainability, we will share the results after the summer!

We’ve also signed the Drastic on Plastic Pledge to show our commitment to eliminate single use plastic by 2021. It is imperative that we ensure what plastic we do use, that can be recycled, makes it to the recycling bin.

So far we have:

  • Banned plastic straws
  • Banned plastic serveware on all trader stands, (paper, cardboard, bagasse, wooden only)
  • Traders allowed biodegradable glitter only
  • Encouraged everyone to bring their own reusable bottle to refill
  • Encouraged everyone to bring their own reusable coffee cup to use at the traders

We have written our sustainability pledge this year to help us achieve our ambitious targets and to embed sustainability in the core of our event production - read it to hear about all of our other initiatives!

What you can get involved with!


We have partnered with RAW Foundation, to raise awareness of the issues caused by using plastics and inspiring action to reduce our consumption by introducing new Boomtown branded reusable bottles.  Available for £15 at the merchandise stands (pre-order here!) or please bring your own. There’s a lot of free water points for you to refill throughout the festival.


With the support of industry experts Closed Loop and Plastico, we will be introducing a 10p cup deposit scheme.

  • 10 cups returned = £1.
  • 2 dedicated return points (Metropolis & Copper County)
  • Returned cups are recycled and repurposed by HEINEKEN to reuse for packaging and products.
  • International not-for-profit WaterAid will also be station here and will be happy to talk about the scheme more at our deposit return points and their incredibly important work globally.

New two bin system

Our new two bin system is there for you to recycle as much as possible if used properly! 


We’ve teamed up with Every Can Counts this year who will gladly give your finished drink cans a new home. The Every Can Counts team will be recycling your drink cans on the go throughout the festival, look out for their team wearing the green recycling backpacks. Look out for the Boomtown sign they’ll be creating with your cans…


Cigarette butts are litter.. But we’ve got a solution! You can pick up a free portable ashtray from the cigarette stands or via the BUTTrFLY patrol which can then be emptied at the butt bins provided at the cigarette stands...

  • The butts will be sent to Terracycle, who will recycle them into a variety of products used for items ranging from construction holding, signage and table tops or even compost.
  • If you’re caught flicking your butts on the field then you could be issued with a fine via the BUTTrFLY patrol ;)

Travel Greener!

Ideally, we’d love you to come by coach (over 50 locations!), hop on the train (we provide a shuttle to the festival!) or even cycle here (this year we organised our first cycle tour to Boomtown!).

But if you are going to drive, it would be great if you reduce your environmental impact by car sharing!

  • We’ve up with GoCarShare for our 6th year running to make it easier for our audience to grab a lift or offer their spare seats out. If you’re looking for a lift home or have space seats please head  to Boomtown GoCarShare page .
  • Additionally for every car parking ticket sold, £1 is donated to Energy Revolution to turn your travel miles into clean energy.

Take your stuff home!

We’ve all got a personal responsibility for the waste we produce and how we dispose of it… Everything you bring to the festival you need to bring home!

Some tips to help you...

  • Don’t bring loads of stuff in the first place (no one wants to carry everything and a kitchen sink back on monday!) think about what you really need.
  • Tents and other camping accessories are not single use items! Don’t bring a rubbish tent that won’t last! If you don’t want to fork out on a good one, think about borrowing one or getting one second hand.
  • Share resources! Lighten the load and share tents and equipment with your pals - team work is dream work.
  • If you think you're likely to leave your tent then cut the hassle and book one of our pre-pitched options.

Remember! It is NOT a charitable manoeuvre to leave your tent, sleeping bag, camping chairs, wellies or anything else behind - charities simply don’t have the resources to pick this up.

If you leave it in the field then it will most likely end up in landfill or incineration. Tents are multi material so practically impossible to recycle. If you’d like to donate your tent, pack it up neatly and take it to a charity shop when you get home.

Leave no trace.

Don't tag!

Respect your city by not scribbling on the set…. Makers, creators and artists spend so much time building the beautiful world we call home for a few days and vandalism costs us thousands every year - which everybody would much rather we spent elsewhere!

Don’t be a dick and call it out or report it if you see it in action!