Respect yourself, respect each other, respect your city!

What is the Respect Campaign all about?

We know our community is one of the most vibrant and caring in the festival world, but we want to do even more to help everyone, not only have the most incredible experience at the festival but look out for yourselves, your fellow citizens and the city as a whole, to generally accomplish sadly something doesn’t usually occur in every day; happy, carefree people smiling, helping and caring every corner you turn!

Every street, venue, stage and area of Boomtown aims to be a space for freedom of expression, where everyone is valued for exactly who they are, or helped to be exactly who they want to be! We aim to create an environment where judgement is left far, far, far behind, acceptance is the name of the game and respect is the word on the street!  

This campaign centres around three pillars: 

Respect Yourself:

This is all about you! Festivals tend to be more of a marathon than a sprint, so you really should keep yourself in peak physical condition. We have loads of facilities, services and infrastructure to help you on the ground, plus some advice on what you can do in advance of the show to get the most out of it!  A full update on everything available, including our harm reduction and drugs safety policy will be released shortly. 

Respect Each Other:

Over the past 11 chapters, Boomtown has grown exponentially, but at the core of this community, we have tried to maintain the foundations of mutual respect and love of creativity. We have striven to be a haven for everyone, no matter their race, sex, religion, politics and background. We want Boomtown to be one large celebration, inclusive of as many communities, backgrounds and cultures as possible and accessible for everyone to enjoy.  Watch this space for new info on staying safe, halting harassment, and promoting acceptance. 

Respect Your City:

Over the past few years, our community has evolved from 20,000 to 66,000 people and we fully acknowledge the environmental impact this has had. The imminent environmental crisis is at the front of all that we do, and we continue to educate ourselves and those in attendance on how we can minimise our impact but also inspire change outside our city walls! For more info see our Green Mission here