Villa Avarice

Villa Avarice

Paradise Heights

Sun bleached walls, cool terracotta floors, the smell of sunscreen and cold martinis. Welcome to Villa Avarice - the holiday destination for Boomtown's rich and famous; take in the sun, make a business deal - or simply look over the balcony and shout at poor people. Villa Avarice has it all. You too could become one of the elite one of the right people with Paradise Height's brand new platinum plus membership scheme, offering you access to the higher echelons of society and lifting you above the rest. Get your holiday money, become a person of actual value and learn how to flash your hard earned cash to validate your existence and feel good! The Villa also believes in corporate responsibility. Not part of the 1%? Never fear‚ you can gaze on luxury from afar. We offer the opportunity for the working poor to pull themselves out of poverty, with Banghai Industry‚ Welfare to Work scheme. Join our staff work for tips and overhear the secrets of the rich you aspire to be. Join us and discover the luxury that is Villa Avarice.

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