The Copper Feel Cabaret LIVE

The Copper Feel Cabaret LIVE

Paradise Heights

Madame Copper Feel could no longer handle the constant demand at Mayfair's top bordello and decided to shut shop promptly and flee in the dead of night. She states "I’m appalled with the accusations of unpaid loans and 'special favours' to the Bankers to keep them quiet, this was a classy establishment. In fact I'm sure you visited us last time for some 'afternoon delights'?” On the run in search for a new quieter life for her and the harlots they stumbled across the bright lights and big future of Paradise Heights a place where the high rollers reside where all the money is and of course a perfect place to call home. So it's showtime and we welcome you all to the Copper Feel Cabaret Live! SEE rebellion SEE danger SEE filth all wrapped in a fabulous blanked of rowdy drag and nudie ladies. And just when your thinking the night has reached its peak then the Funkington Lads are ready to keep the party flowing into the early hours of the morning. Did you enjoy being ridden through the streets of Mayfair on all fours with a ball gag in your mouth? Well you're going to LOVE this!

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