Paradise Heights

Paradise Heights is proud to unveil Serpentine's, an exclusive and luxurious new venue, where our most distinguished guests can enjoy high-end gaming and entertainment in an extravagant yet elegant, majestic yet modest, aristocratic yet accessible setting.

Why spend money on souvenirs or sightseeing when you can spend it on… money? Play some of the most exclusive games in the whole of Boomtown, including Belgian Birdsong, Nelson’s Humour, Le Multicolore and Schrodinger’s Hat. 

Be surrounded by exquisite dancers and artistes, ready to entertain and entice, but remember - no touching, clutching, hunching or lunching. We do have a number of small snacks available onsite. These include otter paté, swan steak sandwiches, rhino vol-au-vents, salamander soufflé, pickled owl eggs and platypus blancmange.

No one will be admitted without a tie and jacket. We have a wardrobe of assorted ties and jackets but we can’t promise they’ll match your sequins. 

Serpentine's. A place to play your lives away.

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