Paradise Ballroom

Paradise Ballroom

Paradise Heights

Welcome to Paradise! Enter through the golden doors check in at reception and find oneself in the playground of the rich & famous! Dripping in decadence the Hotel is the pinnacle of luxury complete with our 5-star complimentary service, back 2 back live Bands & DJs and a packed dance floor pulsing into the wee hours. Pack your best attire, platinum card and prepare for the experience of your dreams! Hotel Paradiso is one of Boomtown’s late night venues! Settle into the hustle and bustle of Boomtown’s ritziest neighbourhood Paradise Heights. Hotel Paradiso is overflowing with endless dazzling parties here in the hotel. Confidentiality is a must… A place to dance, play, be pampered or simply rest one’s weary feet after a busy day in the town… This luxury hotel is synonymous with stellar service. Convenience and confidence come at a premium but guests of the luxury hotel are used to paying the big bucks. The Paradiso Butler Service is one of the Hotel’s signature perks: get your suitcase unpacked, clothes pressed, your pooch walked and your Champagne ordered!

Paradise Ballroom Artists



  3. Beating Heart Presents SARONDE

  4. Bosq

  5. Chris Tofu

  6. Colonel Mustard & the Dijon 5

  7. Count Bassy

  8. Daniel Haaksman

  9. Emily Dust

  10. Emma Clair ft. Alanna Lyes

  11. Emmanuel Jal and Nyaruach

  12. Faith Mussa

  13. Fizzy Gillespie B2B Dan de'Lion

  14. Flevans

  15. Gundhi Brothers

  16. Heavy Beat Brass Band

  17. Hiphoppapotamus

  18. Jurassic 5’s Soup: Fullee Love Collective

  19. Leo Justi (Heavy Baile)

  20. London Remixed UKG Orchestra

  21. Monkeylove Stunt Team

  22. Mr Tea and The Minions

  23. Muzi

  24. Nickodemus

  25. Professor Elemental & Dj Nick Maxwell

  26. Ru Robinson

  27. Rumba De Bodas

  28. Silvastone

  29. Stonebwoy

  30. The Allergies

  31. The Bomo Swing

  32. Waggles

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